10 Best Floating Island Rafts Review

In summer everybody heads for the cool water to relax and clear their heads and forget about their troubles. The floating island rafts are designed for  partying in the cool water of lakes, river and the ocean.

Floating island rafts are primarily designed for comfort and relaxation, especially during hot summer days on a calm lake, river or the sea. These inflatable rafts can accommodate up to 12 people, which makes a must have for lake or river parties.

Summary of the 10 Best Floating Island Rafts

 NameCapacityProduct Summary
Intex River Run II Sport LoungeIntex River Run II Sport Lounge2 PersonsBuilt-in cooler
2 cup holders
High backrests
strong mesh bottom
Bestway X3 3-Person Inflatable Floating IslandBestway X3 3-Person Inflatable Floating Island Seat3 Persons3 backrests
Open bottom without nets
AhhQua BarAhhQua Bar4 PersonsSeats can float separately
Central float acts like a bar
12 drink holders
A cooler
Body mostly submerged
Bestway Rapid Rider X4 InflatableBestway Rapid Rider X4
Inflatable Floating Island Seat
4 Persons4 backrests
An open bottom
4 cup holders
2 water tight coolers
Best Floating Island RaftsBody Glove Paradise 6 Inflatable Aqua Lounge6 PersonsTwo Waterproof Speaker System
Waterproof MP3 Player
6drink holders
2 built in drink coolers
Bestway CoolerZ Tropical BreezeBestway CoolerZ Tropical
Breeze II Floating Island Seat
6 PersonsRemovable sun shade
Cooler bag
Swim-up platform with heavy-duty handles
Mesh center bottom
Bestway CoolerZ Tropical Breeze IIBestway CoolerZ Tropical
Breeze 6-Person Floating Island
6 PersonsRemovable sun shade
Mesh bottom
6 cup holders
A cooler bag
Extra wide pillow backrests
Tropical Tahiti Floating IslandTropical Tahiti Floating Island8 PersonsWeight capacity of 1,700 pounds
Wading pool
Contoured lounges, built-in boarding platform, 4 coolers and 8 cup holders.
SPORTSSTUFF 54-2010 Fiesta IslandSPORTSSTUFF 54-2010 Fiesta Island8 PersonsMiddle mesh bottom
Detachable floating inflatable cooler
8 cup holders
Countered back and arms rest
Fit for shallow rivers
WOW World of WatersportsWOW World of Watersports, Tube A Rama10 Persons8 seats, 4 with mesh and 4 without
Central mesh deck
2 large built-in coolers
8 cup holders

Factors should be considered before buying the Best Floating Island Rafts

Depending on the size, design and model the floating island can accommodate many adults and children. Some are just for relaxation in the hot sun and some encourage active play. A high quality floating island will bring life to your river, lake or pool party.

There are a huge variety of floating island rafts to choose from. Understanding the basic features of the floating islands will help you buy the one which is right for you.

Floating Island Need Type (Size and Capacity)

Floating islands come in various shapes and sizes, from one person capacity to up to 12 person capacity. However, most are made for 3 to 8 persons. At the same time you should look out for the weight capacity. Different manufacturer’s weight varies from 175-200 pounds per person. Here are some data for your reference:

CapacityWeight Limit
3 person525 Pounds
4 person700 Pounds
6 person1,050 Pounds
8 person1,400 Pounds

Floating Island Construct

Most floating islands are made from vinyl PVC. The higher the gauge or the thickness of PVC the better – the more resistant to punctures. Usually pool floats are made of 11 gauge PVC and most floating island rafts are made of 17 gauge or higher. River rafts should be 25 gauge or higher. PVC is not affected by salt water, but if you plan to go float on sea use a 30 gauge floating island.

Floating Island Special Features

Special features add fun to your floating and relaxation. Many floating islands features luxuries such as cup holders – pay attention to the depth of the cup holders. Good designs are deep enough so the drinks don’t spill.  Some include coolers to keep your drinks cool.

Many floating islands have wading pool in the center to cool off. Some also have mesh wading pool for extra safety, especially if you have kids with you. Of-course all child should wear life jacket at all times when playing in water.

Some floating islands are designed to be towed. Unless they are designed specifically for that, they should never be towed.

If you are looking for boat towables please read our Best Boat Towables Review.

Some floats include headrest, backrest and canopy for extra comfort.

  • Beverage Holders
  • Coolers
  • Wading Pool
  • Towability
  • Backrest and Headrest
  • Canopy

Ease of Use

Floating islands are easy to carry when deflated and packed properly. Most floats are quite big when inflated and takes 2 persons to carry it. You will need an electric pump to inflate the float, so make sure an electric outlet is available where you are going to inflate the float.


Floating island rafts are more expensive than pool float but are much more fun and has more features and usability. They are well worth their price.

Floating island rafts are not designed to be dragged behind speed boats they are meant for leisure activities. If you love spending time with your friends and family, relax and have cold drinks than there is no better place than doing it on a floating island raft by lake or river.

Note: Never over inflate the rafts, the heat of the sun will make the air inside to expand and the raft may rupture.

10 Best Floating Island Rafts

Listed here below are the top 10 Best Floating Island Rafts, arrange by capacity from 2 person to 10 person capacity and selected based on their features and quality. And there is one float for kids only.

Intex River Run II Sport Lounge, Inflatable Water Float

Intex River Run II Sport Lounge

Capacity: 2 Persons

While most island rafts are too large for swimming pools, the Intex River Run II are perfect size for pools, lakes and rivers. The raft comes with large built-in cooler with lid. The cooler is conveniently located right in the middle between the backrests. There are 2 cup holders one on each end for your favorite beverage. The high backrests allows you to lounge back and enjoy the float. The Intex River Run II has a strong mesh bottom which allows to keep your feet cold while still on the raft. It acts as a safety net for kids so they don’t fall through the tube. There is a storage box in between the seats for your mp3 player or anything that you want to keep handy. The PVC vinyl is 18 gauge making it strong enough even for a snow tube.

All-around grab rope can be used to tie, 5 or 10 or even more, river rafts together for a party on the lake or the river and as many coolers for every 2 persons, so more drinks to last you a long time on water.

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Bestway X3 3-Person Inflatable Floating Island Seat

Bestway X3 3-Person Inflatable Floating Island

Capacity: 3 Persons

Another floating island small enough for your swimming. The float has 3 backrest and an open bottom without nets to dip feet into water. The float does not come with any cup holder or a cooler. You will need float cooler like Intex Mega Chill II Float Cooler if you do not want to get out of the pool for a nice refreshing beverage.

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AhhQua Bar

AhhQua Bar

 Capacity: 4 Persons

AhhQua Bar floating island has four seats that can float separately. The central float, which act like a bar, has 12 drink holders and a cooler to hold your favorite beverage. This is the only float here, where your body will be mostly submerged in water.

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Bestway Rapid Rider X4 Inflatable Floating Island Seat

Bestway Rapid Rider X4 Inflatable

 Capacity: 4 Persons

Bestway Rapid Rider has sitting capacity of 4 with backrest and an open bottom to dip feet into water. There are 4 cup holders and 2 coolers with lids to keep your drinks cold. The cooling compartments are water tight in case you want to store things that you don’t want to get wet.  It is a smooth ride when there are 4 people sitting down, any less will make the craft uneven.

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Body Glove Paradise 6 Inflatable Aqua Lounge

Best Floating Island Rafts

Capacity: 6 Persons

The floating island comes with two Waterproof Speaker System and a waterproof MP3 Player that runs on 8 x 1.5 Volt AA batteries (batteries no included!). The sound system will not blow you off – is just loud enough for your small party of 6. The raft has six drink holders and two built in drink coolers to keep your party beverage cool.

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Bestway CoolerZ Tropical Breeze II Floating Island Seat

Bestway CoolerZ Tropical Breeze

 Capacity: 6 Persons

The floating island comes with with a removable sun shade, cooler bag and a swim-up platform with heavy-duty handles. The float has mesh center bottom to keep your foot wet and cold while sitting on it. The swim-up platform helps you climb on the raft easily.

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Bestway CoolerZ Tropical Breeze 6-Person Floating Island

Bestway CoolerZ Tropical Breeze II

Capacity: 6 Persons

Spend some quality time with then on the lake river or the beach on this 6 person capacity floating island. Lounge in style with your friends and family. The float is quite spacious for a 6 person capacity – the raft features a removable sun shade and a mesh bottom to keep everyone cool. There are six cup holders, a cooler bag, extra wide pillow backrests for your utmost comfort.

If you feel a little bit adventurous, you may want to buy Intex French Oars with the raft. The sun shade work like a sail in the wind and your raft will sail to places you did not want to go. Bring some rope too.

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Tropical Tahiti Floating Island

Tropical Tahiti Floating Island

Capacity: 8 Persons

This is where the party starts – this is huge.  With a weight capacity of 1,700 pounds, this party raft can carry more than 8 persons. The raft includes wading pool, contoured lounges, built-in boarding platform, 4 coolers and 8 cup holders. All this raft needs more is a water proof sound systems.

Due to it’s size, you will need some space to store it while inflated or alternatively, leave it by the water securely fastened if that’s convenient. You may need to buy a heavy duty air pump like AIRHEAD AHP-120HP Hi Pressure Air Pump with this raft.

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Tropical Tahiti Floating Island 6 personIf this island is too big for you, Tropical Tahiti Floating Island has a smaller floating island. The Tropical Tahiti Floating Island (6 Person) is a 6 person capacity with 2 contoured sofas which seats 4 persons, 2 loungers on the sun tanning deck. It also comes with a boarding platform, 6 cup holders and 2 built-in coolers. Check for price here.

Tropical Tahiti Floating Island 10 person

On the other hand you can go with the much bigger 10 person capacity Tropical Tahiti Floating Island. Its dimension is 208”x169”x30”. At more than 17 feet by 14 feet (244 square feet), this is truly an island that floats; a private island. The island comes with 4 contoured loungers, 6 seats with backrests, 10 cup holders, 2 built-in coolers and a boarding platform with plenty more room to move around. The main problem with this monster maybe, what to do with it when not being used. You will have to tie it up really carefully so that it does not get blown away. Check for price here.

SPORTSSTUFF 54-2010 Fiesta Island

SPORTSSTUFF 54-2010 Fiesta Island

Capacity: 8 Persons

An eight person lounger, the SPORTSSTUFF 54-2010 Fiesta Island is truly an island for group of 8 and you can fit few more kids who can play around in the middle mesh bottom. The mesh bottom also helps you keep cool. It comes with a detachable floating inflatable cooler so your favorite beverage is always nearby. The float also come with cup holders, countered back and arms rest for every body.

You may want to buy Intex French Oars to move around with the raft. Do not take it on choppy water or where there are rock. This Fiesta Island is sturdy but is not a river raft – you still can take it to shallow rivers. One small point to be noted, at  inflated dimension of 11.5ft x 11.5ft the float has only one anchor on one side. This makes the raft to sway. You can use a second sand bag anchor on the opposite side to counter that.

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WOW World of Watersports, Tube A Rama

WOW World of Watersports

Capacity: 10 Persons

At 12 feet in diameter, this floating island is huge. It has a 10 person capacity with 8 seats, 4 with mesh and 4 without. The large central mesh deck can be used for additional seating for more friends or kids. The central mesh bottom also helps you keep cool. The raft comes with  2 large built-in coolers so your favorite beverage is always nearby.

Take it for a river run or just float in the sea or host a bachelor’s party!

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Kid’s Floating Island Raft

Swimways Baby Spring Float Activity Center with Canopy

Swimways Baby Spring Float Activity Center

Capacity: 1 (Baby)

This is a pool float for a baby – the baby should always be under adult supervision and the baby should wear a life-vest at all time when in water. And the float is for swimming pools only. Having said that, water is fun for everybody even more fun for the kids. The raft has adjustable, removable canopy that protects your baby from the sun. To add to the fun you can buy Interactive play station with activities for every developmental stage and many small toys like Squeaker, rattle, stacking rings, teether and soft touch star.

Ages: 9-24 months

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Swimline Labyrinth Island Inflatable Pool Toy

Swimline Labyrinth Island Inflatable Pool Toy

Capacity: 8 Kids + 1 adult

It is a water toy more than it is a pool raft. With a weight capacity of 650 pounds 9 kids or 8 kids and an adult can have fun on it. Your kids, your friend’s kids and your neighbor’s kids will have a blast. Made of durable heavy gauge PVC, it can withstand a lots of pounding. A great floating island for your kid’s birthday party by the pool. The children will enjoy it so much that they will create new games with it. It’s worth the money in terms of enjoyment.

At 92 x 92 inches and 8 inches high, the pool has to be a large one. You can even take it on a lake.

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Pool Floats  Pool Loungers

Single occupancy floating rafts are not floating island rafts. If you are looking for rafts or pool loungers for single occupancy choose from our 15 Best Pool Floats and Pool Loungers. You can always tie many rafts or loungers to make an island. Like in the picture below, 8 Giant Inflatable Pizza Slice floating rafts are tied together to make a floating island rafts.

Swimline 90645 - 6-Foot By 5-Foot Giant Inflatable Pizza Slice

Giant Inflatable Pizza Slice floating rafts


Family Lounge Pool

If you are looking for family lounge pool read Intex Swim Center Family Lounge Review. The family lounge pool is fun for the whole family. Just sit down waist deep in water, have some drink, relax and watch over your kids play in the middle.

Intex Swim Center Family Lounge Family

Intex Swim Center Family Lounge

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