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One of the best above ground hot tub in the mid-range Hot Tub category, is the American Spas AM-630LS 5-Person 30-Jet Lounger Spa. This Hot Tub is the best combination of price and functionality of a professional above-ground hut tub.

American Spas Hot Tub AM-630LS 5-Person 30-Jet Lounger Spa Specification

  • Capacity: 5 persons
  • Water Capacity: 337 gallons
  • Temperature Range: 800F – 1040F
  • Jets: 30 massage therapy jets
  • Pump: One 5 bhp pump

The American spa hot tub is very easy to install and use. It comes in 2 colors in one tub. One is nice elegant looking sterling and smoke colored. The other is Tuscan sun and mahogany color.

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Therapy Jets

 The American Spas AM-630LS 5-Person 30-Jet Lounger Spa is a 5 person hot tub that comes with 30 stainless steel massage therapy jets. The power to the jets are provided by one exclusive 240v 5.0 BHP pump. So there is a lot of power distributed among the 30 jets.

American Spas AM-630LS 5-Person 30-Jet Lounger Spa with Backlit LED WaterfallThe stainless steel massage therapy jets offer a unique therapy experience in each seat. This is a 5 person hot tub with lounger. The 5 seats don’t have same number of jets and size of the jets are also not the same – their placements are also different.  Each of the 30 stainless steel massage therapy jets has individual on/off flow control for precise pressure flow and directional control to target specific stress points in your body. The 30 jets deliver an excellent upper and lower body massage. Most of the jest are adjustable and rotating the face will increase and decrease the water flow.

The pump is a 5 BHP pump. The pumps Twin Turbo Wet End with Viton Pump Seal provides two-pump performance with a singles pump’s energy cost.

What is the difference between BHP and HP (Brake Horse Power and Horse Power)?

We all know what “HP” stands for: its horse power. “BHP” stands for brake horse power. Product manufacturers use the “BHP” unit to show the number more than it actually is when using standard units such as “HP”.  The difference between “BHP” and standard “HP” can range between 13% to 20% depending on the age and other factors. The unit cannot be converted to the other – there is no conversion formula. Generally “HP” is 13%-20% less than “BHP”.

So, a 5 BHP pump is about 4 – 4.35 HP (usually).

The Air Control is located on the top side of the tub. The air control will let you add a mixture of air with the jet pressure.

Water divert knobs are also located on the top side of the spa. They divert water through jets from one side of the spa to the other, or from floor jets to wall jets.


American Spas AM-630LS 5-Person 30-Jet Lounger SpaWhisper-quiet 5.5kW heavy duty Titanium heater heats up the water quickly and silently. You set your desired temperature and the tub will keep it. The insulation keeps hot water in and cold weather out to reduce power needs.

The tub comes with a cover latch. The spa cover latch is crafted of polyester-reinforced PVC which provides enhanced heat retention and excellent thermal insulation. This attractive cover also offers protection from harsh weather conditions and powerful UV rays. It also keeps out pollution and dusts as well as prevent small children from drowning in the hot tub. You can use cover latch to heat up the water faster.

Dimension, Weight and Steps

At 35 x 84 x 84 inches in dimension, the American Spas AM-630LS spa has contoured seating for 4 and one full-length lounger.  The spa weighs about 740 pounds, so moving it around once installed is going to be very difficult.

You may want to buy steps to get into this spa. I recommend the Handi-Step Spa Step that matches American Spas.

Handi-step Spa Step

Build Material

To keep the body strong at critical stress points it is made of thick acrylic. The American Spa features the durability and insulation of fiberglass. It is made using patented 7-layer laminate Fibersteel Construction system. Overall the body is very durable and will outlast all other components of the spa.

Setup and Power Supply

The American Spas AM-630LS spa is very easy to setup. The only difficult part is taking it to the location when you want to set it up – it weighs about 740 pounds.

You will need a dedicated 220-240v power outlet for this spa and the amperage is 40 amps.

Maintaining the American Sap

If the filter canister is not used to fill the tub, air may be trapped in the filtration system preventing the system from functioning properly. Also if the filtration system is not used it is difficult to maintain proper water chemistry, which may cause the water to foam. This may void the warranty of the tub.

Additional Feature

The spa comes with HydroClear Ozonator. The Ozonator purifies water using active ozone bubbles that keep your water clean, clear, and sanitized for easy, hassle-free maintenance. It’s a natural way of purifying the spa.

Other Models of American Spa Hot Tub

There are many different models of the American Spa Hot Tub. Some are smaller with fewer jets and lesser seating capacity. There are a few which are a bit bigger but with same number of jets.

American Spas AM-756LP 6-Person 56-Jet Lounger Spa

American Spas AM-756LP 6-Person 56-Jet Lounger SpaThe American Spas AM-756LP 6-Person 56-Jet Lounger Spa is the only in the series that boosts 56 jets. Two exclusive 240V 5.0 BHP Switchless Jet Pumps power the 56-jets for the ultimate hydro message system.

Although the dimensions of American Spas AM-756LP and American Spas AM-630LS are the same, there are seating arrangements for 5 people and one lounger. The tub also comes with a Bluetooth stereo system. Other than that, all other specification are almost same as above. This version of the spa is more expansive that the American Spas AM-630LS, but certainly make up for the difference with additional hydro jets.

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American Spas AM-511RS 5-Person 11-Jet Round Spa

American Spas AM-511RS 5-Person 11-Jet Round SpaThe lower priced American Spas AM-511RS 5-Person 11-Jet Round Spa is very different from the other two hot tub. This spa is round in shape and has only 11 hydro jets. These jets are powered by one exclusive 110V/240V 2.0 BHP jet pump.

The smaller American Spas AM-511RS can accommodate 5 person because of its shape and the absence of a lounger makes up space for the seating capacity. Most other functionality are the same, like the HydroClear Ozonator purifier, insulation, build material, filtration system, control panel etc. This spa comes in two color combinations: Sterling and smoke or Tuscany Sun. This is one of the best plug and play hot tub, so it one of the easiest to install. Other than this one good feature and that it is round, there is no good reason to buy this tub.

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Above-ground Hot Tubs or Inflatable Hot Tub

Home and Garden Spas LPI106X12 5 Person 106 Jet Spa with MP3 Auxiliary Hookup

Above-ground Hot Tub

intex portable 6 person inflatable purespa plus bubble spa

Inflatable Hot Tub

  • Why buy above-ground hot tub?
  • Why not the more affordable, convenient and more comfortable inflatable hot tub?
  • What are the differences?

To find out the answers to all the above questions, please read our detailed Concrete Spa, Above-ground Hot Tub and Inflatable Hot Tub Comparison here.


The American Spas AM-630LS 5-Person 30-Jet Lounger Spa is a balance between the price and quality of the message. There are no jets for your foot and to many people foot message is a must have.  Other than that this spa is an excellent choice for its price range.

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Alternative Pool

Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity Plug and Play 4 Person Spa

An excellent plug and play starter hot tub at an affordable price. A 4 person hot tub with some of the benefits of a full-featured above-ground hot tub. This hot tub is one of the best above-ground hot tub at an affordable price. The heater power requirement is only 110v, so it can be plugged into almost any power outlet. The low power requirement also makes it slow to heat up. The jets give you ample relaxation and pleasure.

With one 1.5 hp pump and 12 therapy jets, Lifesamrt hot tub’s therapeutic functionality is very limited. Nonetheless, it’s the best low range hot tub with some therapeutic functionality. Read our full review here.

Lifesmart Hot Tub


Home and Garden Spas LPI106X12 5 Person 106 Jet Spa

If you are looking for hot tub that provides the best hydro message therapy without going to a professional spa centre, at the comfort of your home, then go for the Home and Garden Spas LPI106X12 5 Person 106 Jet Spa. An impressive  two 6 HP Pump pumps the 106 hydro therapy jets for the best message therapy for your neck, shoulder, calf and foot. The jets are placed in different location in each of the seats and you have great control of each of the jets: providing unique experience in each seat. Swirling, pulsing, streaming or penetrating, the spa jets work effectively for virtually every therapeutic technique.

The 5 person Home and Garden Spas LPI106X12 jets offer you a full range of message types from deeply relaxing to powerfully invigorating. Read our full review here.

Home and Garden Spas LPI106X12 5 Person 106 Jet Spa with MP3 Auxiliary Hookup


American Spas Hot Tub AM-630LS 5-Person 30-Jet Lounger Spa

American Spas Hot Tub AM-630LS 5-Person 30-Jet Lounger Spa

Easy to Install


    Easy to Maintain




        User Experience







              • Built-in seats
              • Quick setup
              • Can be used in cold temperature
              • Water jets message system, water fall, lot light etc


              • Expensive
              • Very heavy, difficult move around
              • The built-in seats are hard to sit on

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