Benefits of Above Ground Pools

What are the benefits of above ground pools as against inground pools?

There are many reasons to own a pool besides throwing a pool party. Pools in general are not just a place to cool off in on hot summers days but also a great source of fun and happiness. And the best byproducts of fun and happiness are good health and longer life.

For parents with kinds or grandparents with grand kids, one of the many great reasons to own a pool is watching and playing with their kids in the pool.

Some of the benefits of above ground pools

Cost: The above ground pools cost much less than the inground pools which costs around $15,000 to $25,000. It is probably the best benefit of owning a above ground pool. It will save you lots of money over the years you are going to own it.

The warm air temperature will raise the temperature of the water in an above ground pool.  It saves some money on the heating of the water of the pool if you are using a water heater.

Installation: Depending on the size of the pool the above ground pools takes between 2 hours to a maximum of 2 days to install. Most of the pool installation is a one man job, but for the larger above ground pools you will require 3-4 strong bodied men or women for the installation. For larger pools it is recommended to have it installed by professionals. Since in is going to take a day or two to setup the pool the cost for the setup will be less than it would take to construct an inground pool. The only major requirement it has is that the ground has to perfectly level and clear of all debris.

The inground pool take much more time and are more complicated. You need to design it properly and have it approved by proper authority – additional cost. You will need to hire professionals for the construction. After all that it will take a 3-4 weeks to construct the pool and have it ready for use.

Space: The above ground pools come in many shapes and sizes. There are round pools, oval pools and rectangular pools. Each of the shapes come in different sizes from 6 feet by 6 feet to 45 feet by 18 feet or even larger.

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Mobility: The inground pools are almost never movable. For the semi-permanent inground pools, it is very costly to move the structure. It is also very costly if you want to remove the pool altogether. On the other hand the above ground pools are relative easy to disassemble and move around and reassemble in another location. You have changed your address, your pool goes with you. While it is easy to disassemble and relocate most of the above ground pools, it is not recommended to move around the semi-permanent large above ground pools like the Splash pools.

Maintenance: For the same size both type of pool will require the same equipment and chemicals to keep the water clean and usable. However, for the inground pools, there are components that are under the surface and are difficult to reach for inspection or repair. All the parts of the above ground pools are easily accessible so easy to maintain.

Safety: Depending on the setup of the above ground pool, it is difficult to get into the pool. According to report, by U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in 2015 about 55 percent of the total death due to drowning occurred in inground pools as against 25 percentage deaths in above ground pools and portable pools. This does not mean any less care should be taken to prevent the loss of lives.


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Taxes: An inground pool lead to additional property tax as it adds value to your home. As the above ground pools  are not permanent they do not have this issue.

Trends Toward Above Ground Pools

According to CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) there were about 10.7 million pools in the Unites States in year 2013.In 2013 there were about 4.89 million as against 3.53 million above ground pools in 2009 – an increase of 38.57% in number.  During this period the overall market share of the inground pools and commercial pools have decreased and the market share of above ground pools have increased from 42.34% to 47.10% – an increase of 4.76% in market share.  This increase is due to development of the technologies that have increased the durability and decreased the cost of the pools.


Cost, space or installation difficulty, above ground pools are better choice over inground pools. With proper pool deck and other decorations, you can make your above ground pools better than the most inground pools.

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