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Playing in the water is fun for people of all ages, from babies, teens, adults to grandmothers. Just passing your time leisurely on a floating island or pool float is fun for some. Others needs to add some thrill and speed to it for the fun factor.

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Sure, water skiing gives you fun, thrill and the adrenaline rush. But not everybody is ready for it – you need some skill and strength to hold on to a rope on the back of a boat that might be going at 40 miles an hour.

For the rest of us who want the thrill, adrenaline rush and a lots of fun in the water, boat towables are the best bang for the buck. It gives you and your kids the thrill, fun and the speed. Best of all, it’s for everybody, young or old, overweight or underweight, weak or strong. There are many different models that suits the different needs – even for the timid ones who can sit between two adults.

These towable tubes for boating come in different shapes and sizes. The sitting capacity varies from a single sitter to 4 or more. The boat that will be towing the tubes are also a big factor. You would need a powerful boat to tow tubes with higher capacity.

5 Best Towable Tubes or Boat Towables of Year 2017

ProductCapacityProduct Features
SPORTSSTUFF 53-2223 Super Mable Towable
SPORTSSTUFF 53-2223 Super Mable Towable
Rider: 3 Persons
Capacity: 510 lbs (231 kg)
Comes with front and back tow points.
Very stable even at high speeds and tight turns.
It gives good back support with the backrest
Comfortable EVA Foam seating pads
Multiple Grab Handles with Knuckle Guards
Riding positions: Stand, sit, kneel, steer, lay, balance and freestyle
Passengers tend to bounce into one another hitting heads.
SPORTSSTUFF 53-1750 Poparazzi Towable
Rider: 3 Persons
Capacity: 510 lbs (231 kg)
High Rise Tower on Rear Deck
Double Webbing Foam Handles with Knuckle Guards
3 EVA Foam Body Pads for maximum comfort
Wide wing span for tight turns
Very spacious
Riding positions: Stand, kneel, steer, lay and freestyle
Kneeling position for new riders
Standing up position for steering
Flips over relatively easily
AIRHEAD HD-3 Hot Dog Towable
AIRHEAD HD-3 Hot Dog Towable
Rider: 3 Persons
Capacity: 510 lbs (231 kg)
Designed for 1 to 3 riders
Three 30-gauge vinyl air chambers
The cover is a double stitched 840-denier nylon
3-air chambers
Neoprene knuckle guards, seat pads and deluxe nylon-wrapped handles
Heavy-duty Kwik-Connect
Neoprene seat pads for comfort
Heavy-Gauge PVC Bladder with RF welded seams
It flips over on tight turns
Difficult to get on from water
AIRHEAD AHSL-4W Slice 2 Person Towable Tube
Airhead AHBL-12 Blast 1-Rider Towable
Rider: 2 Persons
Capacity: 340 lbs (154 kg)
Lots of versatility
Amazing ride in the chop
The 30-gauge PVC bladder
The cover is a double-stitched nylon cover
Reinforced internal tow harness
4 nylon-wrapped handles and neoprene knuckle guard
Slice equipped with Kwik-connect
Tends to dive under the water at slow speeds
Airhead AHBL-12 Blast 1-Rider Towable
Airhead AHBL-12 Blast 1-Rider Towable
Rider: 1 Person
Capacity: 170 lbs (77 kg)
Fast and bumpy
Very durable
4 Deluxe Nylon-Wrapped Handles with Neoprene Knuckle Guards
Double Stitched Nylon Cover and Heavy-Duty Virgin PVC bladder
4 nylon-wrapped handles and neoprene knuckle guard
Self-draining floor vent
Speed Safety Valve - Boston Valve
Not very stable
Note: Playing around water is a risky affair; accident may happen at any instant. So, always wear life jacket when playing in water. For a list of best life jackets please visit here.

Factors to Consider When Buying Towable Tubes

Kids love getting flipped around in the lake on a tube. There are several points you should consider before buying the best boat towables:

  • Kids of different ages take the flipping and the speed differently.
  • Older and more adventurous kids will prefer towables that go airborne and will give them a wild ride – go for the one that’s light.
  • Other kids may not be willing to go on it alone – go for a multi-rider towable.
  • When choosing multi-rider towable, there is always the risk of banging into each other – some have dividers or some other mechanism.
  • If your kids are nervous, consider a towable where they can sit on their bums against a barrier instead of just lying down – consider the one with backrest.
  • Always us the right rope (tensile strength) for the number of riders on the tube– like the AIRHEAD AHTR-42 4 Rider Tube Rope.

Air Pump

When inflating the tubes make sure you inflate your tube to its maximum pressure. I recommend the AIRHEAD AHP-12H Hi Output Air Pump to inflate the towable.airhead-ahp-12h-hi-output-air-pump

If it is not inflated properly, it will sag in the water. Saggy inflatables create more drag which slows it down. Also keep in mind that, in summer, the air temperature is always higher than water temperature. If you inflate the tube on land and then float it on water, the air temperature inside it will drop and the air volume will also drop, shrinking it making it saggy. So, try to inflate the towables when in water. Another point to note: it is very difficult to get on a saggy inflatable.

Booster Ball

Use a SportsStuff 4K Booster Ball System to enhance the performance of one to four-person towables.  The ball system Booster Ballprovides a way to keep the rope out of water, absorbs shock and enhance the fuel economy of the boat. It also increase the durability of the toawable by absorbing the shock from bumping around in the water.

Here I list 5 most popular towables based on their features, number of riders and level of risk.

5 Best Boat Towables

SPORTSSTUFF 53-2223 Super Mable Towable

Number of Rider: 3 Persons

Weight Capacity: 510 lbs (231 kg)

Size: 79 in. x 78 in. (deflated) 75 in. x 73 in. (inflated)

Super Mable Towable is a party on a raft. A towable with different riding positions for up to 3 riders. Although suitable for a single rider, the towable may get airborne at high speed with a single rider. This towable gives you the best thrill, fun and safety which is the reason at the top of the list of the best towable tubes.

The towable has two tow points and many grab handles with knuckle guards. You can ride it with back rest or front riser. It has a cockpit style seating that makes it safer and easier for young kids who want to ride. The Air Cushioned side walls are designed to keep the riders on board, this also makes the riders to bump into each other.

Its cover is made of Heavy duty Full Nylon. The high winged shape allows you to glide across the surface of the water with minimal drag. This also makes the towable very stable at high speed and tight turns. Does not come with a rope so make sure you buy right type of rope that has tensile strength of 3,350 lbs. I recommend AIRHEAD AHTR-42 4 Rider Tube Rope which has a tensile strength of 4,150 lbs.

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SPORTSSTUFF 53-1750 Poparazzi Towable

Number of Rider: 3 Persons

Weight Capacity: 510 lbs (231 kg)

Size: 72 in. x 68 in. (deflated) 77 in. x 80 in. (inflated)

SPORTSSTUFF 53-1750 Poparazzi is a towable for the whole family. Once you ride this beast, you will not want to ride another – except, maybe, for the single rider towable. This will give you and you’re your family great fun season after season.

This is a 3 person towable. With this versatile towable, you have multiple different riding options of either 2 persons standing up plus 1 laying down or 1 person standing up plus 2 laying down. You can ride standing up, laying down or kneeling down. There are many padded grab handles in different place of the towable to hold onto for the different positions.

The cool arch over the top is in a perfect height for new rides to kneel down. But for experienced riders, standing on the towable gives you lots of control. You can lean and your weight will steer the tube in different directions.

The towable is very spacious. Even with 3 riders at high speed bumpy ride, you are less likely to bump into each other.

Please note that, 2 persons standing up will make the towable top heavy, which may cause the it to tilt on its side and eventually to roll and may throw the rider in the water.

Want a Bigger Towable

SPORTSSTUFF 53-1620 Bandwagon 2+2 Towable

If you are looking for a towable with 4 person capacity, then go for the SPORTSSTUFF 53-1620 Bandwagon that comes with 60ft tow rope. The rope has a tensile strength of 4,100 lb (1,864 kg.), more than enough to pull the towable with 4 adults. Designed for effortless towing, multiple sitting arrangements: sit face to face, backwards, kneeling or lying down. It comes with all features of the model mentioned above plus the additional rider capacity.

This would be my second choice among the list best boat towables, had it not been for the price. But the capacity and the design makes up for the it. It has all the features of the best towables and you will look great riding it. Its a party magnet!

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AIRHEAD HD-3 Hot Dog Towable

Number of Rider: 3 Persons

Weight Capacity: 510 lbs (231 kg)

Size: 103″ long x 44″ wide (deflated)

AIRHEAD HD-3 Hot Dog is a 1-3 rider towable. It’s very safe for kids and adults alike – especially suitable for people who do not want to ride a tube by themselves. They can sit safely in the middle of the tub and still enjoy the ride. This does not mean that it cannot handle heavy waves and wakes, it can. You can even use it in the ocean.

The hot dog flips over on tight turns if the body weight of the riders is not shifted according to the turns. Once you fall off it in the water, it is difficult to get on. The ride is fun, exciting and bouncy but the hot dog won’t go flying.

The tube has three 30-guage vinyl air chambers which are encapsulated inside 840-denier nylon cover. This means that the cove is resistant to abrasion and tearing and is made for water only. Some user may think of using it on snow being towed behind a snowmobile. Although you may use it on soft snow, it is not advisable: you might shorten its life.

The hot dog flips over on tight turns if the body weight of the riders is not shifted according to the turns. Once you fall off the towable in the water, it is difficult to get on. The ride is fun, exciting and bouncy but the hot dog won’t go flying.

Want a Bigger Hot Dog Towable

AIRHEAD HD-5 Jumbo Dog Towable

If you want to have fun with more riders on a tube at one then go for the 5 person capacity AIRHEAD HD-5 Jumbo Dog Towable. It is designed and made exactly as above, except it is linger – 150″ long x 44″ wide (deflated). Also since the tube has a higher capacity, cover is made of stronger double stitched 1,680-denier nylon cover. Use the AIRHEAD AHTR-6000 Super Strength 6 Rider Tube Tow Rope with this tube.

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AIRHEAD AHSL-4W Slice 2 Person Towable Tube

Number of Rider: 2 Persons

Weight Capacity: 340 lbs (154 kg)

Size: 58-Inch diameter, (Deflated)

You will really slice up the water with this 58-Inch diameter low profile towable. This AIRHEAD AHSL-4W Slice Towable Tube carries a maximum of 2 riders. This is a tube for fast riders. The 58 inches in diameter tube is good enough for many people, if you don’t mind your legs hanging out in the water.  This can be additional fun for many. If you don’t want your legs to touch the water, you may try riding the tube lying close to the padded grab handles. But don’t go too forward as it will sink the tube.

It is light and fast. It will ride over the waves quite nicely. It will last you many seasons

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Airhead AHBL-12 Blast 1-Rider Towable

Number of Rider: 1 Person

Weight Capacity: 170 lbs  (77 kg)

Size: 54 in Diameter, (Deflated)

The Airhead AHBL-12 Blast is a single rider towable. It’s the best boat towable in it price range. It is fast, bumpy, thrilling and gets air borne; you will definitely have a blast riding it. You ride this sitting down or laying down, but is more stable when you are sitting. At only 54 inches in diameter, not a very comfortable ride lying down for people of average height or above. But it’s good enough for anybody below 170 lbs. sitting down.

It’s not a very stable tube, it gets air borne easily. But this is part of the fun of riding a tube.

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The Airhead AHBL is fast, bounces up in the air when you go over the waves. The rope kicks up some spray, legs hangs out on the water. Stable on the turn. Its really a fun tube ride for two.


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