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Many people love their dogs and take them with them everywhere.  If you are one of these people and take your dog to the beach or out boating have you considered buying him or her the best dog life jacket? If you are like me your dogs are just as important to you as your children. If you would never consider allowing your child near deep water without a life jacket, then it stands to reason that your dog should be wearing a dog life jacket too. Here are some of the best life jackets for dogs:


Dog life jackets look just like a waterproof dog coat, and allow your dog all of the freedom of movement that a regular dog coat would allow them so they can still swim, or ride your jet ski with you or partake in whatever water activity or sport you both enjoy. Dog life jackets also have a handle built in on the dogs back so that you can grab hold of it and pull your dog out of the water in an emergency.

A life jacket for your dog could well save his or her life, and I would recommend that all dogs wear one when at the beach, lake or near deep water. Many dogs become distracted easily and this can create problems if they are on a boat or even a wharf, pier or jetty. It is very easy for a dog to be distracted by a bird or a bright object like a windsurfer and fall off your boat or the wharf. If he or she is wearing a life jacket you will have the peace of knowing that he will be able to remain afloat until you can rescue him or he can swim back to the boat or shore.

Dog’s also have a tendency to get excited and overdo it when they are playing in the water. Many dogs have drowned when playing in the water with a ball etc. they are preoccupied with the game and playing with you, and wind up getting into trouble because they get too tired. A tired dog can very easily fall victim to a strong current or a rip tide.

Wearing a dog life jacket will give you the time you may need to rescue your dog from a current or rip tide, or allow him to remain afloat and ride the tide back to the river bank. There are many sites on the internet from which you can purchase a dog life jacket, or your pet shop should also be able to order one in for you. Dog life jackets are available in sizes to fit all dogs.


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