Bestway Fast Set Pool Review

Bestway Fast Set Pool series brings you a wide range of easy to assemble pools at a very affordable price. The different sizes available ranging from a 10 foot wide pool for your small back yard to a larger 15 feet wide for those with bigger lawn.

List of Bestway Fast Set Pool – 2017

 Pool ModelCapacityDimensionPrice
Bestway Fast Set Swimming PoolBestway 57108US Fast Set Swimming Pool(80%) 961 Gallons10ft x 30inCheck Price
Bestway Fast Set Round PoolBestway 57278 US Fast Set Round Pool(80%) 1,760 Gallons12ft x 36inCheck Price
Bestway 57126US Fast Pool SetBestway 57126US Fast Pool(80%) 3,266 Gallons15ft x 42inCheck Price

Easy to Setup and Take Down

Bestway pool fillAs stated earlier the pools are easy to assemble. As the name suggests, it’s a fast set pool. It only takes about 10-15 minutes to set up.

The pools are also very easy to disassemble and to store away for the winter or to move to a new location. Simply inflate the ring and fill it up with water. And to disassemble, just drain the water out and deflate the ring! Make sure to dry it completely and use some powder so the walls don’t stick to each other when you fold it for storage. Use talcum powder so that the surfaces do not stick to each other when stored away for the winter.

Included with the Bestway Fast Set Pool

All the pools come with a heavy duty repair patch and a water filter. The filter included with the pool is a bit small for the respective pool sizes. Only the two larger 15 feet wide pools come with a ladder.

Pool Material

bestway linerThe walls of the Bestway fast set pool are made of extra strength 3-ply heavy-duty PVC. The 3-ply means that there are 3 separate layers of fabrics meshed together. The two outer layers are heavy duty PVC and the inner layer is of polyester mesh. What all these means is that the walls are made of tear resistant materials, this does not means that  the walls are not prone to leaks. The walls will not break but extra precautions should be taken so that the walls of the pool does not puncture.

The thickness of the walls varies from 0.40 mm (16 gauge) to 0.80 mm (32 gauge) depending on the size of the pool. The bigger the pool the higher the thickness of the pool; bigger pools have to withstand more water pressure and more movement by the users.

Pool Installation and Maintenance

Very important: Make sure that the ground is level and there is no dent in the ground. Because, if there is, there will be uneven pressure in the pool which might cause the pool to cave.

  • Never drag the pool whether it has little water in it or even empty, you’ll damage the fabric.
  • Never turn on the water filter when the pool is in use.
  • Clean the filter every week.
  • Replace the filter every 2 weeks.

Water Height and Dimension of the Pool

Effective Pool Height – The height of the pool specified is the height of the water level at maximum capacity at 80%, just under the top ring, plus the height of the top ring which floats above the water level. So, you should always calculate the actual height of the water, excluding the diameter of the ring, which is about 6-7 inches.

Actual Size of the Pool – The diameter of the pool, as specified by the manufacturer, is measured at the end to end part of the bulged out section of the pool, which is at the lower middle of the pool where the water pressure is the heighest. The actual playing area at the top will be slightly smaller.

The smaller 30 inches high pool will have about 24 inches of water: just enough to sit around, splash and cool off in the summer. But it may be the best choice if you have a small back yard. The medium pools in the series are wider and take up more area of your yard. If there is space in your backyard, these are better choice. With the 30 inches of water kids can swim in them. With the bigger pool, Bestway 57126US Fast Pool Set-15ft x 42in, you can have more people joining in on the fun. As the saying goes, the more the merrier.

Top Ring Air Pressure – When inflating the top ring, make sure to leave some space for the air inside to expand in the summer heat. Otherwise the extra pressure may cause the ring to leak or even rupture.

Note: Do not to lean on the top ring, as it has been known to collapse under pressure.


Bestway’s pools are some of the best way to cool off in the summer. The pools are some of the most affordable pools for your small to medium yard, which will last 2 to 3 summers if maintained and stored properly.

It’s inflatable ring pool. Soft surface all around -great for kinds and adult alike.

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Alternative Pool

Intex Easy Set PoolThe Intex Easy Set Pools series pools are very similar to the Bestway Fast Set Pool series are . The Intex pools have more dimensions to choose from.

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Bestway Fast Set Round Pool Editor's Review

Bestway Fast Set Round Pool Editor's Review

Easy to Install


Easy to Maintain




User Experience







  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to maintain
  • Affordable


  • Air pump not included
  • Top ring is not strong

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