How to choose the best above ground pool – Factors to consider

Before buying an above ground pool there are some very important factors to consider. They are different for different people in different situations. Above ground swimming pools are the best place to play to hang out with your friends and family. The best pool on the market may not be suitable for. Listed below are a few factors to consider before you decide which above ground pool you should buy.

Factors to Consider before buying above ground pools


  1. Pool Size and Shape

Besides the budget, the first thing which dictates  and should dictate in your decision is the size and shape of your yard.

The pools come in all different shapes and sizes. There are round pools, oval pools and rectangular pools. Round pools are always better than the oval pools in terms of the cost, swimming area and maintenance.

Oval and rectangular pools are better for swimming laps and playing volleyball or other games.

Read a detailed comparison report of Round Pool vs Oval Pool.

Other things to consider when choosing the size of the pool is how many people will be using the pool most of the time. Are you going to have pool party quite often or is it going to be used by your family of 2-4?

Are you going just going to sit around, cool off and splash water with your friends and family or you plan to swim in it?

Maintaining a larger pool will require more time and are you ready spend that much time. Some people find it relaxing, cleaning the pool and some find it distracting and tiresome.

Think hard and before buying the pool. Because once you buy a large pool and use it occasionally or even daily, but only two of you are using it and you don’t find time for the maintenance, it’s going to be a big waste of your time and money.

  1. Vinyl, Resin, Aluminum or Galvanized steel Pool Wall

If you are looking for a good strong pool, pool walls are the most important factor. The frames are also very important. Generally, vinyl or PVC pools last about 2-3 years and are the least expensive of the group.

Depending on the quality of the resin, the best quality resin pools last the longest. Good quality resin pool is also very expensive.

Aluminum or galvanized steel pool is somewhere in between vinyl and all resin pool. Most galvanized steel pools are a combination of resin and galvanized steel. These kind of pools can last up to 25 years or more.

  1. Vinyl or PVC Pool Liner Thickness

Pool liner thickness is one of the most important factors when choosing the right above ground pool for you. The thicker the liner the better.

Most manufacturers use the term “Gauge” when specifying the thickness of the Vinyl or PVC pool liner thickness. The term “gauge” is used to measure thickness of a material but has a different meaning for different industry. For instance smaller gauge for a shotgun barrel means larger barrel. But for vinyl or PVC, it is just the opposite. For vinyl or PVC, the larger the gauge, the thicker and tougher the material.

So, always go for the higher gauge pool liner. Click to read more on pool liners.


  1. Floor pad

Always use the best quality floor pad. It will extend the life of your pool. Also, if your pool is sitting on concrete, it will provide a little cushion when swimming and you hit your knee on the ground. It will also protect the pool floor against the sharp edges of the concrete floor.  And when the pool is on grass yard it will act as an additional barrier between any undergrowth in the ground and the pool liner.

  1. Filtration System

The filtration system that comes with the pool package almost always not sufficient for the respective size of the pool. Most people who bought the above ground pools, bought a higher capacity filtration system later on. But if you want to stick with the system that comes with the pool, you will have to run the filtration system for a longer period of time to keep the water clean.

Of course, you will not use the same filtration system for your in-house daily consumption. Visit for getting more ideas on under sink water filtration system.

  1. Installation

Solid Level Ground

For larger swimming pools such as the semi-permanent Splash pools, you would have already invested a lot in purchasing the pool. If you do not have prior experience installing a large pool, it’s always a good idea to hire professionals to have it installed. Sure, it’s going to cost more money, but the pool will last much longer. And eventually will pay back many folds.

Click here to read more about above ground pool installation.


  1. Choose the quality Products

Good quality product is always going to cost more. This is not to say that all the expensive products are good quality products. It is very difficult to know if a product is a good quality product when buying online. For this you go through the customer reviews on the products, especially look for the ones which says verified purchase.

  1. Trust the Company

There are a few to consider when choosing the company who is going to deliver the product you are buying.

  1. Warranty
  2. Customer service and
  3. Parts availability

How does the company fulfil the warranty obligations? How are the customer service and parts availability? You don’t want the customer service guy to call back in next 48 hours and still doesn’t call back. At the same time you don’t want to wait for a parts till next season because the company is out of stock for now. Dig around, go through the customer reviews, you will find out.

Always buy from the a company with a good history of customer service. No company on earth can satisfy all their customers. But the reviews will tell you if they kept most of their customers happy.

  1. Warranty

Most above ground swimming pools come with 30-90 days warranty with the exception of Splash Pools. They come with 15 year warranty. But more importantly, as stated above, make sure the spare parts are available when you wish to purchase them.

  • Maintenance

Regular vacuuming, equipment maintenance and water testing are integral part of an above ground pool maintenance.

Leaks can appear anywhere in the pool and should be fixed immediately. Rust or corrosion is one of the biggest issues with steel pools. Water splashes over the walls can run down the walls of the pool which may rust the steel. This needs to be addressed without delay.

  • Pool Safety

According to a study in 2015, on average annually 104 people die due to drowning in above ground pools and portable pools. Although pool safety is a consideration for after the pool is installed, proper precautions and measures need to be taken before and after the pool is installed. Accidental drowning of children is one of the most important concerns in regards to the pool safety.

Read more about pool safety here.


Your state or local community may have some safety code for your pool. The code may include safety stickers and/or sign boards to be displayed on the pool. You may also be required to put up a fence to prevent unauthorized or accidental access to your pool.

Since the depth of most of the above ground pools is under 52 inches, no diving is allowed and a “NO DIVING” sign is required to be posted near the pool. The pool height also does not allow you to jump in the pool.

Ladders are another safety concern. You or your family member may get injured falling from a wet ladder. Always be very careful when using the ladder.

Children or even grownups can slip on the wet surfaces around the pool, so ensure that the area around the pool is dry in order to prevent any injuries slipping on the wet surface.

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