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Let’s face it, it’s hard to lose weight. It’s especially hard to lose weight when you love to eat. I was doing okay when I simply had to maintain my weight. However, after two pregnancies, I found myself with a good 20 pounds to lose. I was frustrated, because I still wanted to be able to eat the foods I loved. However, doing so meant that my weight was staying the same instead of going down. My solution was to start walking more.

Comfortable Hiking Shoes

Walking is a great exercise for me for several reasons. For one, I’m just not a runner. I don’t enjoy it. Walking enables me to get fresh air and exercise in a way that I am comfortable with. Also, I can take my children with me when I go walking. It’s actually a fun family activity; my son and I play “I Spy” and other games together. My baby just loves being outside. I like that I can get myself the exercise that I need while still being a good mother at the same time.

My goal is to walk three times a day, for 20 minutes at a time. In general, I walk about 14,000 steps by following this pattern. However, lately my feet have begun to hurt. I realized the other day that I need a good pair of comfortable walking shoes. Honestly, I’m not sure what to get. My wife has researched running shoes, but finding comfortable walking shoes is a whole new ball game. I’ve decided that I am going to take my time, so that I can be sure to get a pair that provides me with the proper support.

To date, I’ve lost about five pounds with my new walking regimen. I intend to keep going and I am excited to see what the future has in store.

When it comes to hiking shoes for women, every woman should own at least one pair, even if she is a diva who never hikes. Hiking shoes will help to provide plenty of support to her feet in an array of activities. Here are some things to look for in a good hiking shoe.


A good hiking shoe, unlike high heels, will support her foot without pinching the toes, heel or sides of her foot. Depending upon her arches she can add an insole in the shoe as well to offer up more support if needed.


Hiking shoes offer up some cushioning support as well. This helps to prevent that feeling that you’ve been walking on concrete all day long. Cushions can be added to the heel area, the toe area or even the arches. Cushions come in a wide array of styles and types including air cushions as well as water type cushions.

Ease Of Putting Them On

Let’s face it, many women only want a shoe that is easy to put on their foot. They want to avoid having to bend over and tie their shoes or having to cinch the shoe up around their ankles. However, this action actually offers more support than a slip on shoe. Look for shoes that lace up part way and then change to loops or hooks to make lacing the remainder of the hiking shoe easier. This can help in the ease of putting the shoe on.

When it comes to the best hiking shoes for women, you will find many great options out there. From ankle high to calf high boots you’ll find an array of styles and materials to fit any of your specific needs. You’ll appreciate having a great pair of hiking shoes. Visit For more information about hiking shoes for men

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