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For this site, General Information category includes every topic excluding, above ground pool, hot tubs, hard sided pool and guest posts.

Guest posts may include any topic including the ones already mentioned here. Only difference is that guest posts are written by other community bloggers or writer of the same niches, specifically home and garden.


Topic included in the general information category are, pool accessories, life jackets, pool float, towable tubes, inflatable rafts, water slides, bath tubs etc. The topic may also include informative articles, which do not fall into any particular category but written by the site’s authors. This may also hold articles of ambiguous topics and are not very specific. The criteria may change when situation rises.

Best Electric Air Pump Reviews

Before we start talking about the best electric air pump, I assume that all of the readers of this article have some experience of pumping air into inflatable objects, or at least have a general idea about it. Especially for those who travel frequently, having to inflate pillows, beds, apparel, pools, towable tubes etc. should be […]

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