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Writers and bloggers are welcome to write post for my site on any topic related to Home and Garden, Health and Sports. These articles will be categorized under “Guest Post”.

This is done so that I can differentiate between the articles which are specific to my site and the one that are not. But they should fall into the topics mentioned above.

Post to Build Relationship

The purpose of my allowing guest posting is to build relationships with other similar minded bloggers. Building good relationship is important for development of the site, its credibility, acceptance and authority. Of course more authors does not mean good authority. Quantity is not the factor, it’s the quality that decides the authority. As the relationship grows so will the quality of the blogs.

This is another way of spreading the influence of my site through the new friends that I’ll get.

Share Thoughts and Ideas

The blogs are a way of sharing ideas and thought. This also gives me different angle of looking into the same of similar niches that I am in. Everybody has different way of thinking. The sharing of thought and constructive criticism will improve the quality of the existing and new blogs.

Language of the Post

Although guest post in any language within the topic mentioned above should not be a factor, but I prefer blogs that are well written, grammatically correct. And they should be informative as well. As I will not be able to determine any grammatical or any other structural mistakes of a guest post of different language, I will not allow it.

Overall, it adds value and credibility to my site. So I welcome any blog guest post over 800 word well written, informative article that have topics related to Home and Garden, Health and Sports.

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Let’s face it, it’s hard to lose weight. It’s especially hard to lose weight when you love to eat. I was doing okay when I simply had to maintain my weight. However, after two pregnancies, I found myself with a good 20 pounds to lose. I was frustrated, because I still wanted to be able […]

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