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Swimming pools are places where you swim – well not exactly. Of course that’s the main purpose, but not the only purpose. It’s a way of cooling down in the summer; it’s a great place to have a party and fun. You play games in it and there are so many; people get innovative and invent more games every now and then.

Types of Pool

There are basically two types of pools: in ground pools and above ground pools. Most in ground pools are large and permanent structures. They are expensive to build and take a long time to build. Once built you are stuck with it; whether you use it or not. They are usually made concrete and tiles. There are some in ground pools that are covered by vinyl. Some are made of acrylic or carbon fiber.

Construction Materials

The above ground pools are made of various materials. Some are made of PVC without any frame to support it. Usually these type pools are smaller in size. Some pools have metal frames which have vinyl liners to contain water. These are called metal frame pool. They are a bit large and longer lasting. There are several types of metal frames with different functionalities.

There are some pools whose walls are made of metal. These are the hard sided pools. Many different types of materials are used for the walls, like aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel, resin, fiberglass etc. The frame is mostly made of resin and vinyl liner is used to hold the water in.

Hard Sided Pools

The different types of materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. But the most important ones are the cost and durability. Aluminum and resins are very costly and lasts a very long time. Galvanized steel are much cheaper but does not last as long. But if proper care is taken, the galvanized pools can last 20-25 years. These type of pools cost only a fraction of what the concrete pools cost and it takes only about 3-4 days to install one.

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