Intex Ocean Reef Review

The Intex  Ocean Reef is one of the easiest to set up above the ground pools in the market. The pool is as big as the smaller Intex Easy Set Pool. The ocean life image on the out surface of the pool is an additional attraction for the kids. Only the height and the ocean life image makes it a kids pool. But it does not have to be limited to kids only. Make a splash with your friends and family all summer long in this attractive good looking pool.

Intex Ocean Reef Pool dimension:  10ft x 30in

Water Capacity: (80% capacity) 1,018 Gallons

Installing the Intex  Ocean Reef Pool

ocean reef filling upOne person can set up and install the pool, with the help of a second person it can be set up in 10 minutes: provided you have your ground ready. You need to level the ground and clear the debris before you spread the pool out. There should always be a ground cloth to separate the pool and the ground. Make sure that there are no wrinkles on the bottom of the pool.

You need to inflate the top ring before you start filling up the pool with water. The air pump is not included with the pool. Use an Intex Giant Bellows Foot Pump to blow up the top ring. Make sure you do not inflate the top ring too much as the summer heat will increase the volume of air in the ring. And too much pressure may result in leaks in the top ring.

Filling up the pool with 1,018 gallons of water will take time. When the water is about 2-3 inches deep, smooth out the wrinkles at the bottom of the pool.

Pool materials

The side walls are Super-Tough laminated PVC, which makes the pool durable. The pool is large enough for the kids to swim in and for the adults to sit down and relax on hot summer days.

Water Filter

Ocean reef filterAlgae will grow faster if the pool is not being used often or there is prolonged rain. You will need to use bleach to keep the water clean. The pool comes with a 330 gallon per hour water filter pump. Depending on your pool usage and the dirt in the air, you may need to upgrade to a higher capacity filter pump. For the volume of water that this pool holds, the pump is just adequate to keep the water clean.

It is always a good idea to buy a pool cover to keep the dirt and air debris out of the pool when not in use. Intex Easy Set 10-Foot Round Pool Cover is the ideal cover for this pool.

The pool being only 30 inches high, does not come with a ladder. Younger kids may require assistance from adults to get into the pool.


If you are looking for a affordable, easy to set up and an attractive looking pool for kids and adults alike, the Intex Ocean Reef is an excellent choice.

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Intex Ocean Reef Editor's Review

Intex Ocean Reef Editor's Review

Easy to Install


    Easy to Maintain




        User Experience







              • Durable
              • Easy to assemble
              • Good looking


              • The water pump that comes with the pool is not adequate.

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