Intex Rainbow Ring Pool Review

Intex Rainbow Ring Pool Inflatable Play Center, 117″ X 76″ X 53″ is the one of the best kids pool and is the one of the most popular pool in the kids pool category in the market. A great pool for your kid’s birthday party, a great fun for the kids, so much so your kids will want to live in it. You will want to spend countless hours watching your kids having the time of their life.

The pool includes a water spray, an inflatable water slide, wading pool, rings for ring toss game and balls.

Intex Rainbow Ring Pool Functionality

Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play CenterThe built-in spray can be easily attached into a standard garden hose. The water spray keeps the kids cool all summer long. The water spray also keeps the slide wet to slide more smoothly.

Kids love to play in water and more so if the water is sprayed on them. On top of that the Intex Rainbow Ring Pool includes 4 rings to play ring toss game and 6 plastic balls to play with.

The runners on both sides of the pool lets the ball roll down them into the pool. Your kids may use the ramp to slide the hot wheels or other toys down the runners.

The slide is about 2-3 feet high. Every kid loves a slide and the fun is multiplied by the water in the two sections of the pool. The smaller pool that your kid will be sliding from and the relatively larger pool that your kid will be sliding into.

Age Limit

Although kids as old as 7 years old can play on it, it is not recommended. It is recommended for kids between the age of 2 and 5. The pool can hold up to  5-6 kids below the average  age of 5.

Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center 2Pool Weight and Water Capacity

The Intex Rainbow Ring Pool holds up to 77 gallons of water: that’s a lot of water. The pool weighs about 14.6 pounds when fully inflated. You can easily move the pool around. However you should not attempt to move it around when filled with water.

The front section, although larger in size, is shallower than the back section. The front pool holds about 4 inches of water and the back holds a lot more water.

Cleaning and Maintaining the Pool

If you want to clean the pool, there are drains in both the sections of the pool. It drains easily – deflating the pool may help draining it faster. If the draining becomes difficult to drain, use the garden hose to siphon out the water – it takes only a few minutes.

pit ballsYou can have the pool inflated for a week or two. To keep the water clean, you may need to keep the pool  covered if you are not using it. If you are not going to use it for a longer period, make sure to dry it completely before storing. If stored properly the pool can be used for multiple summers.

Blowing up the Pool

The pool does not come with an air pump, and it is not possible to inflate the pool by mouth. Please do not attempt to inflate the pool with your mouth – you may pass out. Don’t use the bike pump either. You will have to arrange an air pump to inflate the pool.

The balls that come with it are flimsy and gets dented easily. The rings for the ring toss game are light weight and can be easily blown away by mild wind.


The pool keeps the kid entertained and the parents can relax and watch their kids having fun in the water for hours.

Bottom line, tons of play value.

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Alternative Pool

Intex Ocean Play Center
Another similar kids pool is the Intex Ocean Play Center, which has two pools: one small pool  and a large wading pool. It also has a water slide and a ring toss game.

If you have large yard and want lots of kids to play together then Blast Zone Crocodile Isle Inflatable water Park with Dual Slides will suit you the best.  It is considerably larger than the Intex Rainbow Ring Pool. The dimension of the Crocodile Isle Water Park is approximately 14 feet Length x 22 feet Wide x 8 feet Height.

The water park has wall climbing, two slide with overhead water spray, a lookout platform and large pool at the base. You can optionally use the pool as ball pit for more fun. A water pork where your kids will not only have  have lots of entertainment but also get lots of exercise. It is more a water park than a pool for the kids. Unlimited fun for the kids, with or without water.

For other kid’s pools please read Intex Ocean Reef Review and Intex Swim Center Review.

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Question: How many children could play in the pool at the same time?

Answer: 5 toddlers, but more kids can play taking their turns.

Question: Does the hose have to be used after filled?

Answer: Yes, if you want to continually spray the kids with water. It will cool them down.

Question: Does it have enough space for an adult to supervise the toddlers?

Answer: Yes, the pool has enough space for one adult and 3-4 toddlers.

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Intex Rainbow Ring Pool Editor's Review

Intex Rainbow Ring Pool Editor's Review

Easy to Install


Easy to Maintain




User Experience







  • Great fun for the kids
  • Good bang for your buck
  • Many ways of having fun
  • Light weight & durable PVC
  • Deflates to a compact size for easy storage


  • Too many pieces to inflate
  • The balls that come with it are flimsy

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