Intex Ultra Frame Pool Review

Intex Ultra Frame pool series is your best choice, if you are looking for some of the best above ground swimming pools in the market that are sturdy, not all metal, longer lasting and relatively cheap. In this series there are round pools ranging from 14 feet to 20 feet and the height ranging from 42 inches to 52 inches. And the rectangular pools from 18 feet to 32 feet and all their height is 52 inches.

 Pool ModelCapacityDimensionCheck Price
Intex Ultra Frame Pool Set with Sand Filter PumpIntex 16' X 48" Ultra Frame Pool Set with Filter Pump & Saltwater System(90%) 5,061 Gallons16ft x 48inCheck Price
Intex Ultra Frame Pool - 18ft X 52inIntex 18' X 52" Ultra Frame Pool Set with Filter Pump & Saltwater System(90%) 6,981 Gallons18ft x 52inCheck Price
Intex 20' x 52" Ultra Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool Set with Sand Filter PumpIntex 20' x 52" Ultra Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool Set with Sand Filter Pump(90%) Gallons20ft x 52inCheck Price
Intex 18' X 9' X 52" Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool SetIntex 18' X 9' X 52" Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool Set(90%) 4,545 Gallons18ft x 9ft x 52inCheck Price
Intex 24' X 12' X 52' Ultra Frame Pool SetIntex 24' X 12' X 52' Ultra Frame Pool Set(90%) 8,403 Gallons24ft x 12ft x 52inCheck Price 28375EH Ultra Frame Pool Set, 32' by 16' by 52"(90%) 14,364Gallons32ft x 18ft x 52inCheck Price

Intex Ultra Frame Pool – Product Description

Intex has two types of metal frame pools, the Ultra Frame and the Metal Frame. The materials of the pools are the same, i.e. both frames are made of rust resistant, galvanized steel and the walls are Super-tough laminated PVC. The only difference is in the assembly and the dis-assembly of the two types of the pools. The Intex Ultra Frame Pool series is relatively easy to assemble and disassemble.

All the pools in this series come with a filter pump, a ladder, surface skimmer and a pool cover. The Intex 16 feet, 18 feet round pool and the Intex 24 feet, 32 feet rectangular pool come with saltwater system together with a sand filter.

The water height of Intex Ultra Frame 14′ X 42″ pool is only 37 inches. Not a good height to swim comfortably for adults. It is recommended for 2-3 persons to play in. The Intex Ultra Frame 16′ X 48″ pool water height is about 43 inches, a comfortable height for adults to swim in. It is recommended for 3-4 persons only. The Intex Ultra Frame 18′ X 52″ pool is offered with and without the saltwater system. Make sure you get the package with the saltwater system.

The remaining pools in the series have a height of 52 inches and water height is about 48 inches – large enough for 5-6 adults. Intex Ultra Frame 24′ X 12′ X 52″ pool and  Intex 28375EH Ultra Frame Pool Set, 32′ by 16′ by 52″ are the two of the largest in the series. It is a great pool for lap swimmers. Takes 2-3 adults to set it up and take about 2 hours if planed properly. The pools come with a volleyball set. These pools will deliver you maximum fun. Great pools for pool party.

Although the manufacturer recommends to disassemble and store it away for the winter , because of the volume of  water, 13,364 gallons, many users leave their pool up all year round. If you are going to leave it up in winter, please winterize the pool properly.

Water height and capacity of the pool

The height of the water inside the pool should always be calculated about 4-6 inches less than the actual height of the respective pools. As indicated in the pool capacity, the water height is about 90% of the height of the pool.

Pool Liners

intex linerThe pool liners are made of laminated PVC. 3 separate layers of materials make it extra strong and durable. The inner polyester layer is laminated by two outer layer of heavy gauge PVC. Of course the thickness of the liners increases with increase of the pools size.

Choosing the Size of your Pool

Choosing the right size and shape of above ground pool depends on many different factors, and they are different for different people. Foremost, it will be dictated by the size of your yard size and your budget. Always add 3 feet to the width of a circular pool and 4 feet in a rectangular pool to the existing dimensions of the pool.

If you want to swim comfortably then chose a pool with minimum height of 48 inches. The actual water height of a 48 inch pool is about 43-44 inches, just enough for most adults to swim in. Swimming is fun and has many benefits. It is good for your health; strengthens your heart and lung. Read more about Swimming Benefits here.

Also consider how many people will be using the pool. If it is going to be used only by you and your family of 4, the smaller 14 feet pool will suffice.  But if you want to play games and have a pool party, go for the bigger pools.

However, keep in mind that the larger the pool the more time you have to spend maintaining it. You will need to spend more money to keep it clean.

Which Shape to Choose – Round Pool vs Rectangular Pool

Round pool vs oval poolIntex Ultra Frame Pools come in two different shapes, round and rectangular. Rectangular pools may look better to many than round pools. Rectangular pools are better swimming laps, but the round pools have a larger swimming and play area and are naturally good for water circulation. As compared to a rectangular pool round pool of similar size will contain more water, so your filtration system will need to run a bit longer to keep the water clean.

Moreover, the circular pools are designed to distribute the water pressure evenly on the walls of the pool. But for a rectangular pool the pressure on the wall on the longer side is more than on the shorter side. Which is why the rectangular pool walls are supported by U-shaped legs, which extends away from the pools for additional support.

The rectangular pools are also more difficult to assemble and require more materials to build. This is why rectangular pools are more expensive than a similar sized circular pool.

Assembly and Installation

Intex Ultra Frame pools are one of the easiest pools to setup after the inflatable pools. All the pools in the Intex Ultra Frame Pool series are easy to set up. Even the biggest pool in the series, Intex 28375EH Ultra Frame Pool Set, 32′ by 16′ by 52″, takes only about 2 hours to install and have it ready for the water. We recommend you get 2 strong helping hands to set up the larger pools. The pools are also easy to disassemble and store away for the winter.

As with all the above ground pools, it is of utmost importance that the ground is perfectly leveled and make sure that there are no undergrowths. The undergrowths may puncture the ground cover and the pool floor liner, if you are not careful. To be on the safe side, especially for the larger pools, consider the Gorilla floor pad for added protection.

Trust the Manufacturer Company

Intex is a trusted and a dependable company which has a long history of manufacturing quality products. The company has been delivering products like airbeds, above ground pools, spa, boats etc at an affordable price. All the products are designed for maximum safety, comfort and fun. Intex Recreation Corp is very proud of their customer service and they got customer feedback to proves that.


These pools are robust and durable and easy on your pocket. The installation is relatively simple and if maintained and stored properly these pools will last for years.

Considering the durability, maintenance, price, time and expertise required to setup above ground pools, Intex ultra frame pool is the best combination of all. They are the most affordable and one of the best above ground swimming pools and the best money can buy.

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Alternative Pool

Bestway 56391E Power Steel Frame Pool Set, 18' x 48"Bestway also has a similar line of products:

The frame structure and the built materials are very similar and equally as good.

Intex Ultra Frame Pool Editor's Review

Intex Ultra Frame Pool Editor's Review

Easy to Install


    Easy to Maintain




        User Experience







              • Easy to assemble and disassemble
              • Sturdy
              • Durable


              • The ladder is not strong
              • The frame may break if the ground is not perfectly leveled

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