Round Pool vs Oval Pool

Round Pool vs Oval Pool  – which one is better?

Round pool vs oval poolWhile choosing an above ground pool generally the first consideration is of course the budget. Then comes the size and height of the pool. Depending on the shape, size and the material of the pool the prices vary widely. Considering you have enough budget and land area for your pool, which one is better: the round pool or the oval pools?

Structural Integrity – Round Pool vs Oval Pool

frame supportAs for the structural strength is concerned round pools are at an advantage here. Round pools are designed to handle pressure more efficiently than the oval pools. They have higher structural integrity.

Round pools are designed to distribute water pressure equally on all the walls and poles of the pool. But for an oval pool, the pressure on the long-straight sides is greater than that of the semi circular sides on the two ends. Underground straps, stabilizer plate, bracing and hold down plates are used to hold the walls of the oval pools.

 This does not mean that the oval pools are structurally weak. They are made equal in strength using the additional materials.

Cost of – Round Pool vs Oval Pool 

The size of the pool is proportionate to the price – no rocket science there.  For a round pool and an oval pool that hold the exact same amount of water and same amount of swimming area, the price of the an oval shaped pool will be more – about 1.3 times that of the round pool.

Oval pool will require more steel and more parts. More parts means more complications and more time in installation. All of these will result in more cost for the oval pool.


Round pools have naturally better water circulation. The water flow is smooth and even.  There are less dead spots for the algae to grow. And because of the shape skimmers catch more debris.

Water volume Comparison

Below are comparison tables of water capacity for oval and round pools. The values in the table are approximate. The volume of water and swimmers capacity varies from pool to pool and manufacturer to manufacturer.

Table Round pool
Table oval pool



At the end of the day the it’s not a fight between Round Pool vs Oval Pool. It’s more of a personal preference and your yard shape that dictates the shape of the pool you would buy.

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Trent Humberson - December 19, 2016

Hi There!
We are looking for a comparison with rectangular pools as well. Nonetheless, the comparison is helpful.

Evelyn Serrell - December 23, 2016

This is a message to the admin.
I discovered your Round Pool vs Oval Pool – Pools and Tubs page by searching on Google but it was difficult to find as you were not on the first page of search results. Very helpful information. I understand a little bit more and will definitely help me decide which pool to buy.



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