Splash Pools Review – Hard Sided Pools

Splash Pools are some of the most durable and the best above ground swimming pools that comes packaged with everything you need to get you swimming. This hard sided pool will last you a very long time.

List of Hard Sided Pools – 2017

 Pool ModelCapacityDimensionPrice
Splash Pools Round Deluxe Pool Package, 18-Feet by 52-InchSplash Pools Round Deluxe Pool Package, 18-Feet by 52-Inch(90%) 7,700 Gallons18ft x 52in
Check Price
Splash Pools Round Deluxe Pool Package, 18-Feet by 52-InchSplash Pools Round Deluxe Pool Package, 24-Feet by 52-Inch(90%) 13,600 Gallons24ft x 52inCheck Price
Splash Pools Round Deluxe Pool Package, 18-Feet by 52-InchSplash Pools Round Deluxe Pool Package, 27-Feet by 52-Inch(90%) 19,000 Gallons27ft x 52inCheck Price
Splash PoolsSplash Pools Oval Deluxe Pool Package, 30-Feet by 15-Feet by 52-Inch(90%) 13,047 Gallons30ft x 15ft x 52inCheck Price
Splash PoolsOval 52" Deep Tango Above Ground Complete Deluxe Pool Package Size: 45' L x 18' W(90%) 24,030 Gallons45ft x 18ft x 52inCheck Price

Splash Pools are for you

  • If you are looking for a pool that is going to last 20 to 25 years at one tenth cost of an inground pool.
  • Looking forward to enjoy the summer heat with your friends, family or neighbors.
  • If you want to have a swimming pool set up next week.

Playing and swimming in the water not only cools you off but is also fun for adults and children alike. The fun is multiplied if you have friends and neighbors joining in. On a hot summer day, nothing can be more relaxing than taking a dip in the cool water of a pool.

Swimming will give you some good workout, but you will still need more exercise for your physical fitness. Consider buying elliptical machine to keep you fit.

The splash pool series has a wide variety pools of different sizes and shapes. You choose the one that best meets your budget and yard dimension.

Choosing the Size of your Pool

Round Pool

When choosing a size for a round pool, always add a foot  or two for the framework of the structure and a further 1 or 2 feet for your easy movement around to the pool. So, add a total of 3 feet to the pool dimension when choosing a pool for your yard. For a 24 feet round pool, total space required will be 27 feet.

Oval Pool

For an oval pool, there are bracing on the sides of the pool and there is no bracing on the ends. So at the ends of the long side of the pool, you will have to add only 3 feet to the pool dimension. There are angled braces on the two sides of the pool. The braces are usually 3 feet in length or shorter, that is a total of 6 feet of space required on the sides. So, for a 33-feet by 18-feet total space required will be 39-feet by 21 feet.

Which Shape to Choose – Round Pool vs Oval Pool

The splash pools offered here come in two shapes – round and oval. Are shapes important? The answer is both yes and no.

If your yard dictates that only a long oval shaped pool will fit your yard, you don’t have a choice. Oval pools are excellent for swim laps and looks good with pool decks.

Round pools cost comparatively less than oval pools. At the same time have more swimming area. You can have more people swimming in the pool at a time. However, since round pools contain more water than their equivalent oval pools you will need to run the filtration system longer.

Read a detailed comparison report of Round Pool vs Oval Pool.

Splash Pools – Product Description

Splash pools are heavy duty above ground pools. The pools features include:

  • 7 inch, painted HD Galvanized Steel Top LedgesSplash pool ladder and skimmer
  • 7 inch 2 Piece Molded Resin Top  Covers
  • 6 inch, painted HD Galvanized Steel Vertical Support
  • HD Galvanized Top and Bottom Rails
  • 52 inch Hot Dipped Galvanized G90 Steel for the Oval Pools and G60 Steel for the Round Pools
  • Thru- the wall skimmer
  • Sand Media Filtration System
  • Heavy duty resin ladder with removable outside staircase
  • 20 Gauge all weather Vinyl Liner

Product Description – Explained

The all-weather vinyl liner of the pool is 20 gauge thick. What this means is, you can leave your pool out in the open all year long for many years with proper winterization. Splash-Pool-Frame

Before I tell you the details about some of the product specifications, let me explain why that is important to you. While the dimension and water capacity of a pool are very easy to understand, the materials used for making the pools are different matters. Terms like “Hot dipped galvanized G90”, “resin” etc. are technical terms and need explanation as to what they mean, why they are used and what benefits they give you or your pools.

What does hot dipped galvanized G90 or G60 steel mean for your pool? Steel sheet is dipped in molten Zinc to make it rust resistant and the G90 and the G60 are the thickness of the Zinc coating. Read details about Hot dipped galvanized G90 or G60 here. In case there is any rusting anywhere on the walls or the bottom plate of the pool use Rust Proof Spray Paint.

Resins are synthetic materials which are very hard and durable. Sometimes more durable than steel, but generally more expensive.  Most of the structural components like caps, top rails, top covers, and ladders are made of resin. The resin does not rust.

Splash pool Sand FilterThe 1-HP Sand Media Filtration System is ideal for any sort of metal based pools like the Galvanized steel Splash Pools.

Pool Liners

Splash Pool Vinyl LinerSplash pool liners are all weather vinyl liners that you can leave up all year round. The life expectancy of the pool liner depend on how much sunlight it has to endure, the swimming habit of the users and the chemicals used to keep the water clean. If taken proper care, the liner will last longer than 5 years. Always go for thicker 25 Gauge liners when replacing the old liner – they will last longer.

For greater longevity of the pool liners, you can add pool wall foam like Gladon Roll Above Ground Pool Wall Foam. It creates a smooth pool wall and at the same time prevents wall degradation from puncturing. Just glue the foam on the pool walls.

Gladon 100-Feet Roll


Installation manual and an installation video come with the pool. It’s going to take 3 able bodied men or women, 2 to 3 days to install the pool.

As with all the above ground pool, ground preparation is very important like, choosing a firm ground, leveling the ground and clearing the debris. Make sure there is no underground wire or drainage. With pools this size you will need to put support blocks or pool pad on the ground before you set up the pool.

You may be required to get permits for pools and that is your responsibility to get from the local authority before the pool is installed. If your property is not fenced, you may also need to fence your pool .

If you like you can install a pool deck around the pools. For more information please see the Installing above ground pools video below.


Trust the Manufacturer Company

For a pool that’s relatively expensive and with a long life span you have to look at the reputation of the company who manufactures the products. You have to rely on the after sales support and fulfillment of the warranty.  The manufacturer’s confidence in the product is reflected in the fact that they provide long 15 year warranty on the pool. Make sure to register your pool within 20 days of the purchase.

The manufacturer of the Splash Pools series is a very old and reputed company who cares about the customers. This is reflected in the customer reviews. Not one customer has complained about the customer service and they all recommend the pools of this company.


Of all the above ground pools, the splash pools are relatively more expensive than most other pools like Intex Eeasy Set Pool, Bestway Fast Set Round Pool, Intex Ultra Frame Pool or the Intex Metal Frame Pool. But the durability makes up for the extra expense. For the price range, they are the best above ground swimming pools there are. If installed and maintained correctly, the Splash Pools last more than 20-25 years.

If you have space in your yard, it is one of the best investments you will make for relaxing, having fun and most importantly your health. Yes, I repeat, your health. Swimming is one of the best exercises to keep you fit and not cause injuries to your bone joints. Low impact exercises and Aquatic Therapy can be performed in the water as part of the rehabilitation program after surgery in the knee and ankle.

If you are looking for therapy pools read please our Fitmax iPool Deluxe Pool Review.

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Alternative Pool

 Blue Wave Martinique Metal Wall swimming poolsBlue Wave Martinique swimming pools are very good alternative of Splash pools. The pools come with 25 year warranty.  The steel structure of the pool is zinc and aluminum coated and is superior corrosion resistant.  This makes the pool longer lasting than the Spalsh pool, promising year after year of splashing fun. Check  review and price of Blue Wave Martinique Metal Wall Round swimming pools and Blue Wave Martinique Metal Wall Oval swimming pools here.

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Splash Pools Editor's Review

Splash Pools Editor's Review

Easy to Install


Easy to Maintain




User Experience







  • More permanent than other above ground pool
  • Don't have to take down for the winter
  • Up and ready in two days
  • Great for swimming


  • Installation is relatively difficult
  • Not a one man job
  • Once assembled very difficult to move

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