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St Lawrence Swim SpaWant to swim all year round? Want to get hydro massage therapy after you have done swimming? St Lawrence Swim Spa from Canadian Spa Company brings you some of the best spas where you can swim. The spa’s three river jets create controllable swim lane for resistance swim and aqua aerobics. The flat floor gives you ample space for swimming, jogging in place against strong or gentle current and other wide range of exercises.

Models of St Lawrence Swim Spa

There are three models of swim spas in the St Lawrence Swim Spa series.

St Lawrence 13ft Swim Spa

St Lawrence 16ft Swim Spa
St Lawrence 20ft Swim Spa
St Lawrence 20ft Swim Spa
Seating Capacity:466
Water Capacity:1355 Gallons1710 Gallons2300 Gallons
Swim Jets:353
Pumps:Three – 5HP pumpsFour – 5HP pumpsFive – 5HP pumps
Heater:3 kW Balboa heater3 kW Balboa heater3 kW Balboa heater
Electrical Power:230 V / 30 Amp230 V / 30 Amp230 V / 30 Amp
Shell Material:Lucite AcrylicLucite AcrylicLucite Acrylic
Dimensions:157 x 91 x 60 inches198 x 91 x 60 inches234 x 90 x 54 inches
Weight:2,400 pounds2,850 pounds2,970 lbs
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The most popular one is the St Lawrence 13ft Swim spa and the only one that does not come with a lounger seat. All the three models come with multi-colored LED mood lighting and digital MP3 audio sound system with pop-up speakers. All feature the same Ozone water purification system and 4 x 50 sq ft of Microban® filtration ensures crystal clear water.

St Lawrence 13ft Swim Spa Specification


The St Lawrence 13ft Swim Spa is 13 feet long, 7 foot 7 inches wide and 60 inches deep. And the spa can hold 1,355 Gallons of water.

4 feet 6 inches of water is ideal for swimming for most people without touching the bottom. Of the five seat with massage therapy jets, 3 Captains Chair seats located on one side of the spa, and the other 2 Deep Soak seats located near the swim jets. There is a 10 feet long flat floor space for you to swim, jog or do any other aquatic exercises.


Although the seating capacity is only 5, it can fit 12 persons. Now, why you would want to fit 12 people in an area less than 100 square feet, is completely up to you. The manufacturer advertises the number, I think, more to give you an idea of the volume of the spa than to take it literally.

Therapy and Swim Jets

There are three swim jets that deliver a continuous stream of water for straight and level swimming. You don’t have to worry about turning. There is a tether point where you can attach a swim tether for you to give extra resistance. You can adjust the force of the “river jets” with the swim jets air control. The spa also has a guardrail that can be used for extra stability. The rail can also be used to lean swimming.

Swim tether

The rest of the 36 jest are distributed among the five seats to massage your back, neck, leg and foot muscles. Three 5HP pumps power the 39 stainless steel jets.

Keeping the Water Clean

Some people, especially kid, are very sensitive to chlorine. Chlorine reacting with dissolved pollutants in the water forms chloramine and this compound cause chlorine-scent. The compound causes eye and respiratory irritation. With this in mind, the spa comes with an Ozone Water Purification Systems and 4 x 50 sq ft of Microban® filtration which ensures crystal clear water. Although chlorine usage is not eliminated but is drastically reduced.

Ozone kills more bacteria and faster than the other chemicals used in spa and swimming pools. It is safer than chlorine and bromine and leaves no by-product. Best of all it does not affect the pH of the water.

To read more about the Ozone purification system click here.

The Microban filters with silver ion keep the water clean. The filter’s antimicrobial protection inhibits bacterial and fungi growth. This growth reduces the efficiency and durability of the filter and prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

Build Material – Difference between Acrylic and Lucite Acrylic

lucite acrylic resinThe spa is made of high-grade Lucite Acrylic – Lucite is the name of the brand of acrylic developed by DuPont. Like plastic, Lucite Acrylic is derived from petroleum. But there is a huge difference between the two. Normal acrylic loses it color and becomes brittle after some time, but Lucite acrylic does not change in color and lasts more than 20-25 years. A one inch thick Lucite Acrylic can stop a bullet. The other reasons for using acrylic is because it can be molded into any shape and lightweight.

What all these means to you? It’s durable, strong and tough, resistant to wear and tear and superficial scratches. The shell is resistant to UV ray which makes it brittle and loses color. The shell is resistant to most household chemicals.

Galvanized steel frame is used to support the structure.


The 3 kW Balboa heater with smart sensors are very efficient at heating up the spa. High-quality triple layer insulation prevents heat loss. Water is recycled to prevent heat loss. High-density heat insulating foam prevents heat loss through the acrylic shell. The two-part hardtop cover, which comes with the spa, prevent heat loss when the spa is not in use.

Power Supply

You will need 230 V / 30 Amp of electrical power to run the unit. It requires a 220V 60 Hz 50 amp GFCI breaker and a 230V 50Hz 32 Amp RCD breaker which are not included with the system.

St Lawrence 16ft Swim Spa 

The build material, heating system, power supply and filtration system are the same for all the 3 models of the spa. The 16 feet spa has 3 resistant jets and 2 profile aligning jets.  The customizable Swim Lane System allows you to adjust to your swimming pattern and keeps you in lane. The jets to ensure that you receive the appropriate pressure and support that you need for your exercise.

Note: This model was supplied to the Medical Centre of the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic games.

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St Lawrence 20ft Swim Spa 

St Lawrence 20ft Swim Spa

The largest swim spa in the series is actually 6 inches shorter than the other 2. But then again 4 feet and 6 inches is ideal depth for any swimmer. And has only one more jet than the 16 feet spa. But the 73 hydro massage jets are powered by five 5-HP motors, so you get more pressure on each jet.

This luxury swim spa is a combination of hot tub and swim spa separated by a barrier. The two zone temperature can be controlled separately.

An excellent choice for triathletes, competitive swimmers who want to train in the water temperature that they will compete in.

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Final Words

Swim spas are expensive, but a good investment. If you compare it with a swimming pool, it, in fact, costs much less. Even the installation, maintenance, and the recurring cost are half that of a swimming pool. Sure you cannot have more than one swimmer at a time in a spa, but it’s a swim spa. 5-10 people can sit, relax and get massage therapy at the same. It has all the benefits of spa plus a swimming pool. Best of all, you can use it all year round.

St Lawrence Swim Spa series has some of the best swim spa on the market. Spas more than 12 feet long are considered swim spa. The smallest in the series is the St Lawrence 13ft Swim Spa, at 13 feet in length, is very affordable. And the largest one the St Lawrence 20ft Swim Spa is 20 feet long.

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St Lawrence Swim Spa

St Lawrence Swim Spa

Easy to Install


Easy to Maintain




User Experience







  • Use year all round
  • Customizable swim lane system
  • Adjustable water current speed
  • Shell made of high grade Lucite Acrylic
  • Three layer insulation
  • Energy efficient


  • Not portable
  • Will require professional to install
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