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Intex Inflatable Lounge Pool Recliner Lounger Chair Review

The Intex Inflatable Lounge Pool Recliner Lounger Chair with Cup Holders is popular for pool enthusiasts. The inflatable is comfortable and super easy to use. You can blow it up manually, and it won’t take very long at all.

There are two parts: one for the body and one for the neck and arms. You will love laying on them. The drink holders are awesome. If you like lounging in the pool, then these are a must-have. Its blend of comfort, convenience, and style makes it a favorite among many. Let’s dive into what makes this pool float stand out.

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  • Brand: Intex
  • Material: Chiffon
  • Dimensions: 71 x 53 inches
  • Weight: 7.2 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 220 pounds
  • Cup Holders: Two
  • Inflation Time: Approximately 10 minutes
  • Color: Blue and white
Intex Inflatable Lounge Pool Recliner Lounger Chair

Why Is It Popular?

The Intex Inflatable Lounge Pool Recliner Lounger Chair with Cup Holders is popular for several reasons:

  1. Comfort and Design: The recliner design supports your back and neck, making it incredibly comfortable. The armrests add to the overall relaxation experience. This thoughtful design ensures you can spend hours lounging without discomfort.
  2. Convenience: The float features two built-in cup holders, allowing you to keep your drinks close by. This feature is especially appreciated by users who enjoy sipping on a beverage while soaking up the sun.
  3. Ease of Use: Inflation and deflation are quick and simple. You can inflate it manually or use an electric pump. The valves are user-friendly, making the process smooth and hassle-free.
  4. Durability: Made from high-quality vinyl, the float is built to last. It’s resistant to wear and tear, ensuring it remains in good condition for multiple seasons.
  5. Portability: Despite its large size, the float is easy to transport. When deflated, it folds compactly, making it convenient to carry and store. This portability makes it suitable for various settings, whether at the pool, beach, or lake.
  6. Value for Money: Given its features and durability, the float offers excellent value for money. It combines comfort, convenience, and quality at a reasonable price point.
  7. Brand Reputation: Intex is a well-known brand in the inflatable products market. Its reputation for producing reliable, high-quality items adds to the appeal of this recliner.

These factors collectively contribute to the float’s popularity among pool enthusiasts, making it a top choice for those looking to enhance their poolside experience.


The Intex Recliner is versatile enough for various settings. Use it in the pool, at the beach, or even on the lawn. Its recliner design allows for different lounging positions, making it suitable for sunbathing, reading, or just floating around.


Comfort is a top priority with this float. The reclined design supports your back, and the armrests provide additional relaxation. The soft, durable vinyl material ensures a pleasant lounging experience.


Inflation is straightforward and quick. Using an electric pump, it takes about 10 minutes to inflate fully. The valves are designed for easy use, making the process hassle-free.


Despite its size, this float is highly portable. Once deflated, it folds up compactly, making it easy to carry and store. It’s perfect for those who need to transport it to different locations.


With dimensions of 71 x 53 inches, it accommodates most adults comfortably. The weight capacity of 220 pounds ensures it can support a range of body types without compromising stability.


Priced reasonably, the Intex Recliner offers excellent value for money. Its combination of features, durability, and comfort makes it a worthwhile investment for pool lovers.


Intex is known for quality products, and this recliner is no exception. The vinyl material is robust and resistant to wear and tear. The seams are well-constructed, reducing the risk of leaks.


Durability is another strong point. The thick vinyl can withstand rough usage and exposure to sun and water. With proper care, it can last for several seasons.

Ease of Use

The float is user-friendly. From inflation to usage, every aspect is designed for ease. The built-in cup holders add to the convenience, allowing you to keep your beverages within reach.

Pros and Cons


  • Comfortable recliner design
  • Durable vinyl material
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Portable and easy to store
  • Built-in cup holders


  • Limited weight capacity (220 pounds)
  • Requires an electric pump for faster inflation
  • May be too large for small pools

Customer Reviews

The Intex Inflatable Lounge Pool Recliner Lounger Chair with Cup Holders has garnered numerous reviews from satisfied customers. Here’s a summary of what they have to say:

Positive Feedback:

  1. Comfort and Relaxation:
    • Many customers highlight the float’s comfort. They appreciate the supportive design, which allows for extended periods of relaxation without discomfort.
    • Users love the reclined position, which makes it perfect for lounging and sunbathing.
  2. Convenience:
    • The built-in cup holders are a major hit. Reviewers love having a place to keep their drinks, making the float even more enjoyable.
    • The easy inflation process is frequently mentioned. Whether manually or with a pump, users find it quick and straightforward.
  3. Durability:
    • Customers praise the float’s durability. The vinyl material holds up well against wear and tear, with many users noting that it lasts for several seasons.
    • The float’s ability to maintain air without frequent re-inflation is also appreciated.
  4. Portability:
    • Reviewers find the float easy to deflate and store. Its compact size when deflated makes it convenient to transport, which is great for those who use it in different locations.

Constructive Criticism:

  1. Weight Capacity:
    • Some users mention that the 220-pound weight limit can be restrictive. Heavier users find that it doesn’t support them as well as they would like.
  2. Size:
    • A few customers find the float a bit too large for smaller pools. They suggest checking pool dimensions before purchasing to ensure a good fit.
  3. Inflation:
    • While many find manual inflation manageable, some recommend using an electric pump to save time and effort. The manual process, although not overly difficult, can be time-consuming.
  4. Puncture Risks:
    • A minority of users reported punctures after a period of use. They recommend being cautious with sharp objects and ensuring the float is used on a smooth surface to avoid damage.

Overall Sentiment:

The overall sentiment towards the Intex Inflatable Lounge Pool Recliner Lounger Chair with Cup Holders is highly positive. Most customers are delighted with their purchase, citing its comfort, convenience, and durability as key benefits. The minor drawbacks mentioned are typically related to individual preferences and specific usage scenarios. Given the majority of positive feedback, it’s clear that this float is a popular and well-loved product among pool enthusiasts.


The Intex Inflatable Lounge Pool Recliner Lounger Chair with Cup Holders is a fantastic addition to any pool. Its comfort, durability, and practical features make it a standout choice. Whether you’re relaxing in the pool or lounging by the beach, this float offers a great way to unwind. Despite a few minor cons, its overall value and quality make it a popular choice among pool enthusiasts.

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