Intex Ultra Xtr Frame Pool

Intex Ultra XTR Frame Pool

Intex Ultra XTR Frame Pools are a popular line of above-ground pools known for their durability, premium features, and relatively easy setup. The pools represent the pinnacle of the Intex pool lineup, combining superior quality with exceptional design to create an unparalleled backyard swimming experience.


  • Strong Frame: The frame consists of robust, powder-coated steel tubing to resist rust and provide stability.
  • Durable Liner: The pool liner is made of a tough 3-ply material that resists punctures and tears.
  • Hydro Aeration Technology: Some models include this technology which improves water circulation, filtration, and clarity.
  • Powerful Filtration: Often equipped with a sand filter pump for keeping the pool water crystal clear.
  • Other Accessories: May include a ladder, ground cloth, and pool cover.

Sizes and Shapes:

Intex Ultra XTR pools come in two main shapes:

  • Rectangular: Ideal for swimming laps and games.
  • Round: A more traditional pool shape, great for relaxing and socializing.
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Other Models From Intex Above Ground Pool

The other models from Intex are the Intex Easy Set Pool as the entry-level option, the Intex Prism Frame Pool for the mid-range option, and the Intex Ultra XTR Pool for top-of-the-line models. Check out the respective links to know more.

Intex offers a range of above-ground pools to suit different needs and budgets:

  • Intex Easy Set Pool: The most affordable and easiest to set up. These pools feature an inflatable top ring for quick installation.
  • Intex Metal Frame Pool: A step up from the Easy Set Pool, offering a basic steel frame for better durability and support.
  • Intex Prism Frame Pool: Designed for increased strength and style with powder-coated steel tubing and a durable liner.
  • Intex Ultra XTR Pool: The premium option, boasting the strongest construction, largest sizes, and features like rust-resistant galvanized steel frames for outstanding longevity.

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Comparison of Intex Metal Frame, Intex Prism Frame, and Intex Ultra XTR Frame Pool

Each of the 3 types of pool has its own vibe, kind of like how different sunglasses offer unique styles and levels of sun protection. The primary differences between the Intex Metal Frame, Prism Frame, and Ultra XTR Frame pool lines:

Intex Metal Frame

  • Most Basic Model: The most affordable Intex pool option.
  • Frame: Constructed with simple, round, galvanized steel tubes for the frame.
  • Liner: Standard 3-ply liner material, offering decent resistance to wear and tear.
  • Filtration: Usually includes a basic cartridge filter pump.

Intex Prism Frame

  • Upgraded Frame: Features stronger, powder-coated, oval-shaped tubes for the frame, which enhances stability and rust resistance.
  • Liner: Similar 3-ply liner material as the Metal Frame pools.
  • Filtration: May include a slightly more powerful cartridge filter pump.
  • Aesthetics: The liner is often gray in color, giving a more modern look than the blue color of the Metal Frame.

Intex Ultra XTR Frame

  • Most Robust Construction: The strongest and most durable of the three frame options. Frame made with thicker, powder-coated steel with a more advanced shape and assembly system.
  • Liner: Upgraded 3-ply liner that’s typically thicker and more resistant to punctures and tears compared to the other two lines.
  • Filtration: Includes a sand filter pump for more efficient filtration and easier maintenance.
  • Hydro Aeration Technology: Some models incorporate this technology for improved water circulation and clarity.

Let’s lay out the differences between the Intex Metal Frame, Intex Prism Frame, and Intex Ultra XTR Frame pools in a simple table format. This way, you can easily compare them at a glance, much like checking out a menu to see what catches your fancy.

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This table gives you a snapshot of what each pool type offers.

What are Your Choices?

Here are the 3 most popular models of Intex Ultra XTR Frame Pool.

Intex Ultra Frame 26′ x 52″ Round Above Ground Outdoor Swimming Pool Set

Intex 26373EH Ultra XTR Deluxe Rectangular Above Ground Swimming Pool Set

Intex 26325EH Ultra XTR Deluxe Above Ground Swimming Pool Set – 16ft x 48in

Here’s a comparative table that outlines the specifications of the three Intex Ultra XTR Deluxe Above Ground Swimming Pool Sets, offering a clear, side-by-side look at their features:

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This table provides a quick overview, helping you to compare the main features and specifications of each pool set. Whether you’re looking for a large family pool, a spacious option for swimming laps, or a medium-sized pool for leisurely swims, one of these Intex Ultra XTR Deluxe models could be just what you need to make a splash this summer.

Pros and Cons of the Three Intex Ultra XTR Frame Pool

Creating a comprehensive table to compare the pros and cons of three specific models of Intex Ultra XTR Frame Pools side by side will help highlight the unique benefits and potential drawbacks of each, providing a clearer decision-making framework. Note that the specific models discussed earlier include variations in size and shape but share many overarching qualities characteristic of the Ultra XTR line. Here’s a generalized comparison to capture the essence of these variations:

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Each of these pools offers a blend of quality, durability, and ease of use that makes them a valuable addition to any home, with the choice ultimately depending on the balance of pros and cons that align with your specific situation.

Note: When looking at the largest round versus rectangular pools, you’ll find that although the round pool can hold more water, the rectangular one comes with a higher price tag due to its structural demands.

A Deep Dive into the Features and Specifications of the Intex Ultra XTR Frame Pool

When we talk about the specifications of something like an Intex Ultra XTR Deluxe Above Ground Swimming Pool, we’re essentially looking at a detailed blueprint of what makes these pools tick. But why does this matter to you? Let’s dive in and make sense of it.

Size for Round Pools

For round pools, the diameter and height play a pivotal role in defining the pool’s utility and limitations.

Larger diameters, like the 26′ found in some Intex Ultra XTR pools, offer ample space for swimming, floating, and games, making them ideal for family gatherings and more robust aquatic activities.

The height, often around 48″ to 52″, ensures enough depth for most adults to swim comfortably while still being accessible for younger swimmers under supervision.

However, the larger size requires more space and maintenance, potentially limiting those with smaller yards or seeking a low-maintenance option.

Size for Rectangular Pools

In rectangular pools, the length and breadth determine both the pool’s capacity for lap swimming and its fit in various backyard sizes.

A pool measuring 32′ in length provides a substantial stretch for lap swimming, enhancing its appeal to fitness enthusiasts or those seeking the feel of a more traditional pool.

The breadth, such as 16′, allows for multiple swimmers to enjoy the pool simultaneously without feeling cramped.

However, these dimensions necessitate a considerable footprint, which might not suit smaller outdoor spaces. Additionally, the uniform height of about 52″ balances depth for swimming enjoyment while maintaining safety and accessibility.

Pool Shapes – Round vs Rectangular Above Ground Pool

Round pools offer a unique blend of usefulness and certain limitations based on their shape. Their circular design means they provide a uniform swimming area, making them especially great for families and social gatherings where the aim is more towards leisurely swims and fun rather than rigorous exercise.

The absence of corners also means easier maintenance and circulation of water.

Round pools inherently possess a structural advantage that contributes to their stability. The circular design evenly distributes pressure from the water across the entire perimeter of the pool, minimizing stress on any one point. This uniform distribution of force is a key factor in the inherent stability and durability of round pools.

However, their shape can limit activities like lap swimming and may not utilize backyard space as efficiently as rectangular pools, potentially making them less appealing to those with specific fitness goals or limited space.

Rectangular pools, on the other hand, like some Intex Ultra XTR Frame models, are tailored for those seeking versatility and efficient space usage. Their straight edges and elongated shape are ideal for lap swimming and exercise, providing a clear path that enhances the swimming experience for fitness enthusiasts.

Additionally, the rectangular form fits more seamlessly into the linear designs of many backyards, maximizing space.

The potential downside? These pools might require a bit more effort in terms of maintenance, especially in the corners, and their structured setup might demand a slightly higher initial investment in terms of time and resources.

 Learn more about Above Ground Pool Shapes and Sizes.

Water Capacity and Filtration System

Water capacity in pools directly impacts their usefulness and restrictions. Higher water capacity pools offer a more immersive swimming experience, allowing for more significant movement, floating, and even games, catering well to families and groups seeking fun and relaxation.

However, the larger the capacity, the more water you’ll need to fill the pool, which can increase both the initial fill cost and the ongoing expenses related to water treatment and heating. This makes high-capacity pools more suited to those prepared for higher maintenance efforts and costs.

The filtration system is crucial for maintaining pool water clarity and hygiene. A robust filtration system, such as a sand filter pump, efficiently removes debris and contaminants, reducing the frequency of water changes and keeping the pool inviting.

However, the effectiveness and maintenance requirements of the filtration system can vary. For instance, larger pools with higher capacities require more powerful pumps to circulate and filter the water effectively, potentially leading to higher electricity usage. Conversely, an efficient filtration system can significantly ease the maintenance burden, making it a critical consideration for a hassle-free pool experience.

 Filter Pump

Intex 26325EH Ultra XTR Deluxe 16ft x 48in
Intex 26325EH Ultra XTR Deluxe 16ft x 48in

The inclusion of a 1500 GPH Sand Filter Pump with the Intex 26325EH Ultra XTR Deluxe Above Ground Swimming Pool Set demonstrates the benefits of sand filtration even in medium-sized pools like the 16ft x 48in model.

Sand filters, known for their superior filtration capabilities compared to cartridge systems, offer a more thorough cleaning by effectively trapping smaller particles. This sand filter system ensures that the water remains clean and clear with less frequent maintenance, making it a great match for this pool size. It provides an efficient, low-maintenance solution for keeping the pool water in excellent condition, highlighting the advantage of sand filters in enhancing the swimming experience without significantly increasing upkeep.

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Intex Ultra XTR Deluxe Rectangular 32ft x 16ft x 52in Pool
Intex Ultra XTR Deluxe Rectangular 32ft x 16ft x 52in

For larger pools, such as the Intex Ultra Frame 26′ x 52″ and INTEX 26373EH Ultra XTR Deluxe Rectangular Set, the inclusion of even higher capacity sand filter pumps (2100 GPH and 2800 GPH, respectively) underscores the necessity of robust filtration systems to maintain water quality over larger volumes.

Intex Ultra Frame 26ft x 52in
Intex Ultra Frame 26ft x 52in

The sand filtration method excels in these scenarios, offering unparalleled clarity and hygiene. The capacity of these pumps to handle higher volumes of water without frequent maintenance aligns perfectly with the needs of larger pools, ensuring a clean, safe swimming environment. This emphasizes the sand filter’s role as an essential component in maintaining the health and longevity of the pool, providing peace of mind for owners and a delightful swimming experience for users.

Construction Material

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The construction of Intex Ultra XTR Frame Pools showcases a thoughtful blend of durability and ease of assembly, making it a standout choice for pool enthusiasts.

Here’s a breakdown of the construction materials for Intex Ultra XTR Frame Pools, focusing on their usefulness and potential restrictions:


  • Galvanized Steel Frame: Galvanization adds anti-rust properties to the steel, making the pool significantly more durable and resistant to weather damage. This means a longer lifespan for your investment.
  • 3-ply PVC Liner: A triple-layer construction makes the liner more resistant to punctures and tears, increasing longevity and minimizing potential leaks.
  • Easy Lock System: Simplifies the assembly process, allowing for quicker setup and takedown (if needed). The T-joints enhance structural stability.
puncture-resistant 3-Ply PVC


  • Overall Setup: While the Easy Lock system is helpful, setting up an above-ground pool remains a moderately complex project. It’s best to allocate time and potentially have help.
  • Cost: The premium materials and features of Ultra XTR pools result in a higher price tag compared to more basic Intex lines.

Why a Ground Cloth Is Essential?

A ground cloth plays a crucial role in protecting and prolonging the life of your above-ground pool. Here’s why it’s essential:

  • Protection from Punctures: The ground cloth acts as a barrier between the pool liner and the ground. It prevents sharp objects like rocks, roots, and debris from piercing the liner and causing leaks.
  • Prevents Abrasion: Even seemingly smooth ground can have small imperfections that cause wear and tear on the liner over time. The ground cloth provides a smooth, cushioned layer to minimize this friction.
  • Moisture Control: A ground cloth helps slow down moisture from seeping up from the ground underneath, preventing potential mildew or rot issues with the liner.
  • Comfort: Adds a slight layer of padding under the pool, which can make walking on the bottom of the pool more comfortable.
  • Easier Cleaning: Prevents grass, dirt, and other debris from sticking to the bottom of the liner, simplifying pool cleaning and maintenance.

Important Points

  • Material: Choose a ground cloth specifically designed for pools. Avoid materials like tarps, which can harm the liner.
  • Placement: Make sure the ground cloth extends slightly beyond the pool base for maximum coverage.

What About Pool Covers? 

Pool covers are another incredibly valuable accessory for your above-ground pool! Here’s a breakdown of why:


  • Accidental Entry Prevention: A properly fitted pool cover acts as a barrier, especially for pets and young children, reducing the risk of accidental falls into the water.


  • Debris Defense: Pool covers significantly reduce dirt, leaves, insects, and other debris from entering your pool. This means less time skimming and filtering!
  • Algae Control: By blocking sunlight, pool covers hinder algae growth, saving you time and money on algaecides.

Water Conservation

  • Evaporation Reduction: Pool covers create a barrier that dramatically slows down evaporation, meaning you’ll spend less time topping up the water level.

Heat Retention

  • Thermal Blanket: Especially during cooler nights, a pool cover helps retain the heat gained during the day, making the water more comfortable for swimming.
  • Solar Covers: Specialized solar covers go one step further, using the sun’s energy to actively warm the pool water.

Chemical Conservation

  • Reduced Chlorine Loss: Pool covers limit UV exposure, a major factor in chlorine breakdown, so your sanitizer will last longer.

Types of Pool Covers

  • Basic Debris Covers: Lightweight and primarily focused on keeping out debris.
  • Safety Covers: Sturdier covers, often anchored to the pool deck. They offer better safety features and can sometimes support weight.
  • Solar Covers: Designed to maximize heat absorption from the sun.

Important Considerations:

  • Size & Fit: Always ensure the cover is the correct size and matches your pool shape.
  • Ease of Use: Some covers are easier to put on and take off than others. Consider how you’ll manage this regularly.
  • Storage: When not in use, make sure your pool cover is stored safely to prevent damage and prolong its lifespan.

In summary, a pool cover is not just an accessory but a multifaceted tool that enhances the pool experience by keeping the water clean, maintaining warmer water temperatures, providing safety, and conserving water. It’s an investment in the enjoyment, safety, and sustainability of your pool.

Keeping Your Intex Ultra XTR Frame Pool Pristine

Hydro Aeration

Maintaining your Intex Ultra XTR Frame Pool in pristine condition is key to ensuring a safe, enjoyable, and long-lasting swimming experience. Here are some practical tips and strategies to keep your pool water crystal clear and the pool structure in top shape:

Regular Cleaning

  • Skim and Vacuum: Use a skimmer to remove leaves and debris from the surface daily. Vacuum the pool floor weekly to pick up debris that has settled at the bottom. This prevents algae growth and keeps the water inviting.
  • Brush the Sides: Algae and grime can accumulate on the pool walls. Brush the pool sides and bottom weekly to keep these surfaces clean.

Water Filtration and Circulation

  • Run the Filter Regularly: Operate your pool’s sand filter pump daily to ensure the water is properly circulated and filtered. This helps distribute chemicals evenly and keeps the water clear.
  • Clean the Filter: Regularly check and clean your sand filter as recommended by the manufacturer. A clean filter is more efficient at trapping debris and maintaining water clarity.

Chemical Balance

  • Test Water Regularly: Use a water testing kit to check the pool’s pH, chlorine, and other chemical levels at least twice a week. Ideal pH levels should be between 7.2 and 7.6.
  • Adjust Chemicals as Needed: Add chlorine, pH increasers, or decreasers according to your test results to maintain water balance. Proper chemical balance prevents bacteria and algae growth and protects pool equipment.

Read more on pool chemicals on Pool Chemistry Cheat Sheet.

Preventing Algae Growth

  • Use an Algaecide: Regularly add an algaecide to the water to prevent algae from taking hold. Be proactive about algae control, especially during hot weather or after heavy use.

Pool Cover Usage

  • Cover It Up: When not in use, cover your pool with the included pool cover. This reduces debris, limits evaporation, and helps maintain water temperature.

Seasonal Care and Maintenance

  • End of Season Cleaning: Thoroughly clean and dry your pool before storing it for the off-season. Inspect and clean all parts, including the pump and filter system.
  • Proper Storage: Store the pool and its components in a cool, dry place to prevent damage and wear. Ensure all parts are dry to avoid mold and mildew.

By following these maintenance tips, your Intex Ultra XTR Frame Pool will remain a clean, safe, and enjoyable place for relaxation and fun for years to come. Regular care not only extends the life of your pool but also enhances your swimming experience, making every pool day as good as the first.

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Why the Intex Ultra XTR Frame Pool Is a Family Favorite – Should You Buy One?

Here’s a breakdown of why the Intex Ultra XTR Frame Pool is a popular choice for families, along with factors to help you decide if it’s the right purchase for you:

Why Families Love It:

  • Durability: The galvanized steel frame and tough liner construction make it more resilient to wear and tear than less robust above-ground pool options. This is a major plus with active kids!
  • Size Options: Ultra XTR pools come in various sizes and shapes, accommodating different yard spaces and family sizes.
  • Features: Premium features like sand filter pumps and sometimes Hydro Aeration Technology provide better water clarity and easier maintenance.
  • Easier Setup: The Easy Lock system makes assembly less of a headache compared to some other above-ground pool models.
  • Value: While pricier than basic Intex pools, they represent a good value for the investment, offering better longevity and features.

Should You Buy One? Consider These Factors:

  • Budget: Ultra XTR pools are Intex’s top-tier line, hence they cost more. Factor this into whether it fits your budget.
  • Your Needs: If you want a pool that’ll last several years and handle heavy use, the Ultra XTR offers excellent value. If you just need a basic summer splash option, less expensive models might suffice.
  • Space: Ultra XTR models come in larger sizes. Ensure you have the space to accommodate the one you’d like.
  • Setup: While simpler than some, setting up these pools is still a project. Assess your DIY skill level or ability to get help with the build.

Ultimately, suppose you’re looking for a solid, long-lasting above-ground pool option for your family that offers excellent features and value. In that case, the Intex Ultra XTR Frame Pool is definitely worth strong consideration!

Final Thoughts

The Intex Ultra XTR Frame Pool stands out as an excellent choice for families and those wanting a durable, high-quality above-ground pool experience.

  • Built to Last: The combination of galvanized steel, tough liner materials, and the Easy Lock System creates a pool designed to withstand frequent use and the elements.
  • Investment in Fun: While more expensive initially, you get what you pay for. The Ultra XTR’s longevity means years of backyard enjoyment
  • Premium Features: Sand filters, potential Hydro Aeration Technology, and thoughtful design elements enhance the overall pool experience.
  • Sizing and Value: With various sizes and shapes, there’s likely an Ultra XTR that balances your space requirements and budget.

Who is the Intex Ultra XTR Frame Pool Perfect For?

  • Families wanting a pool to enjoy for years to come.
  • Those who prioritize long-term value and quality construction.
  • People comfortable with basic pool maintenance.
  • Anyone desiring the premium features this line offers.

If you want a top-quality above-ground pool that delivers a fantastic, long-lasting experience, the Intex Ultra XTR Frame Pool is a compelling option!

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