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They say life is about the currents you choose to ride. After a successful career navigating the world of civil engineering, the current shifted for me. My company, facing a major re-organization, decided to focus solely on mechanical engineering. While an enticing offer from a company up north sparked my professional spirit, family roots held me firmly in sunny Florida. Uprooting them wasn't an option. This unexpected turn of events became a wave of opportunity. A chance encounter with a friend in the hot tub business sparked a new passion. Fueled by my engineering background honed for years, and a desire to help others create backyard havens, I partnered with them. Now, I leverage my analytical skills and research prowess to navigate the world of pools, tubs, and hot tubs. Consider me your guide, translating technical jargon into clear information so you can find the perfect backyard oasis for relaxation and rejuvenation. This leap not only marked the start of a refreshing chapter in my life but also brought a unique blend of technical prowess and a passion. I get to stay close to my family and help people with their pool and hot tub design and installation.