Intex Easy Set Pool

Intex Easy Set Pool Review

Intex Easy Set pools are a popular choice for families who want to enjoy a refreshing dip in the backyard without breaking the bank. These inflatable pools are known for their incredibly easy setup, affordability, and range of sizes.

What to look for in a backyard pool? It needs to be affordable, easy to set up, and big enough to actually have fun in, right? But with so many options out there, finding the perfect pool can feel overwhelming. That’s where Intex Easy Set Pools come in.

We’ll break down the different Intex Easy Set models, discuss their pros and cons, and help you decide if one of these pools is the right splash-tastic addition to your backyard.

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What are Your Choices?

Here are the 3 most popular models of Intex Easy Set Pool.

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  1. Intex 28175EH 18Ft x 48In Inflatable Easy Set Up Round Outdoor Above Ground Swimming Pool Set
  2. Intex Easy Set 15′ x 42″ Round Inflatable Outdoor Above Ground Swimming Pool Set
  3. Intex 13 Ft x 32 in Easy Set Above Ground Inflatable Outdoor Swimming Pool Set 

I’ll summarize the specifications of the three Intex Easy Set pools in a table format for a clearer comparison:

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This table presents a side-by-side comparison of the main features and specifications for each of the three popular Intex Easy Set pool models, highlighting the differences in size, capacity, and included accessories to help users decide which pool best fits their space, needs, and preferences.

Pros and Cons of the Three Intex Easy Set Pool Models

This comparison aims to provide a clear overview to help in making an informed decision:

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This table highlights the varied features, advantages, and potential drawbacks of each pool size, reflecting how each model caters to different preferences, spaces, and budgets. Whether you prioritize size and features or are constrained by space and budget, there’s an Intex Easy Set Pool model that can meet your summer cooling needs.

What Does the Specification Mean to You – and Why is it Important?

When talking about pool specifications, there are several ways they help you make an informed decision as a potential buyer:

Intex Easy Set 18ft

Size and Capacity

The diameter, height, and water capacity tell you how big the pool actually is. This is crucial in understanding:

  • Space: Does it fit comfortably in your intended area?
  • Usage: Can it accommodate the number of people you expect to be using it?

The varying diameters and heights of the three Intex Easy Set pools cater to different user needs and space availabilities, making them highly useful across a broad spectrum of scenarios.

The 18′ x 48″ pool offers ample space for large families or groups, providing a deep, spacious area for swimming and play, ideal for larger backyards.

Intex Easy Set 15 ft

Conversely, the 15′ x 42″ strikes a balance between size and practicality, offering sufficient depth and space for enjoyable swimming while being manageable for moderate-sized yards.

On the smaller end, the 13′ x 32″ pool is particularly useful for those with limited space, such as smaller gardens or patios, allowing pool enjoyment without requiring a large footprint.

Intex 13 Ft x 32 in Easy Set

However, this smaller size and reduced depth might be restrictive for adults looking for more serious swimming rather than just cooling off or playing. Each pool size, therefore, opens up possibilities for different users but comes with inherent limitations based on the intended use and available space.

Water Capacity and Filter Pump

The water capacities of the Intex Easy Set pools reflect their suitability for different user groups and maintenance needs.

The flow rate of the pump tells you how quickly it can circulate the water in the pool. This affects cleaning and how often you need chemical adjustments. A more powerful pump keeps the water clean with less hassle. The larger the pool, the more powerful pump will be required.

The 18′ x 48″ pool, with its generous 5,455-gallon capacity, provides a vast swimming area capable of accommodating larger groups, making it ideal for families and social gatherings. However, its larger volume necessitates a more robust maintenance routine, utilizing its 1,500 GPH filter pump to ensure water clarity and hygiene.

In contrast, the 15′ x 42″ and 13′ x 32″ models have lower capacities, making them easier to fill, and maintain, suitable for those seeking a simpler setup with less intensive upkeep.

The filtration systems across the models are tailored to their water volumes, ensuring effective cleaning and circulation. The 18′ model’s larger pump supports its higher water volume, maintaining cleanliness over a larger area.

The smaller pools, with their 1,000 GPH and 530 GPH pumps, respectively, offer adequate filtration for their sizes, ensuring clean swimming conditions with less energy and maintenance.

However, the smaller pumps may struggle with heavy use or larger debris, highlighting a trade-off between pool size, maintenance ease, and filtration capacity.

Construction Material

The construction materials of the Intex Easy Set pools, featuring durable PVC and triple-layered polyester sidewalls, provide a sturdy and resilient structure capable of withstanding the rigors of regular use and exposure to elements.

This robust construction ensures longevity and safety, allowing for peace of mind during use. The size and volume of the 3 pools are supported by these strong puncture resistance materials, making them particularly useful for accommodating more significant numbers of swimmers and more vigorous play without compromising the pool’s integrity.


In terms of accessories, the comprehensive inclusion with the 18′ and 15′ models, such as filter pumps, ladders, ground cloths, and pool covers, significantly enhances user convenience by offering a complete setup out of the box. These accessories not only extend the pool’s lifespan by protecting it from damage and debris but also ensure the safety and cleanliness of the swimming environment.

However, the necessity for more accessories can be seen as restrictive by some, as it requires additional storage space and setup time, whereas the simpler 13′ model, with fewer accessories, offers ease and speed in setup and maintenance for those prioritizing straightforwardness and efficiency.

For a 32-inch high pool, a ladder is not required. But a ground cloth is always useful for pools of any size.

Ground Cloth

A ground cloth plays a crucial role in the setup and maintenance of above-ground pools like the Intex Easy Set models, offering several significant benefits that underscore its utility:

  1. Protection: The primary function of a ground cloth is to protect the bottom of the pool from punctures, tears, and wear. By placing a barrier between the pool and the ground, sharp objects like stones, twigs, or uneven surfaces that could damage the pool’s liner are mitigated. This protective layer helps extend the lifespan of the pool by preventing leaks and the need for repairs.
  2. Stability: A ground cloth can also provide a more stable and even surface for the pool. It helps to smooth out minor bumps and dips in the ground, ensuring the pool sits more securely and evenly. This stability is particularly important for maintaining the pool’s shape and preventing undue stress on any part of the pool structure, which could lead to damage over time.

Given these benefits, the inclusion of a ground cloth in the pool setup process is always a wise measure. It not only safeguards the investment in the pool by extending its usable life but also enhances the safety and enjoyment of its users by ensuring a stable and reliable setup.

Maintaining Above Ground Pool – Intex Easy Set Pool

Keeping your Intex Easy Set Pool in top condition is easier than you might think, and it ensures your summer days are filled with splashing fun rather than cleaning chores.

The first step is to maintain a routine check on the pool’s water chemistry, adjusting the pH and chlorine levels as needed to keep the water sparkling and hygienic. Utilizing the pool’s filter pump effectively will help circulate the water, while regular skimming and vacuuming of the pool will prevent debris and algae buildup.

For a deeper dive into ensuring your pool remains a clean, safe, and enjoyable space all summer long, there are more detailed maintenance tips and tricks that can help extend the life of your pool and enhance your swimming experience. Discover all the essentials of Intex Easy Set Pool care and get ready to make the most of your backyard oasis by visiting – Maintaining Above Ground Pool.

Should You Buy an Intex Easy Set Pool?

Picture this: It’s hot outside, the kids are restless, and you’re dreaming of a quick, cool escape in your backyard. Here’s why the Intex Easy Set Pool might just be the solution you’re looking for.

Reasons to say YES to an Intex Easy Set Pool:

  • Effortless Splash Zone: The incredibly fast setup means your kids can be splashing around in less time than it takes to pack a picnic lunch. No complicated construction or waiting for contractors!
  • Wallet-Friendly Water Fun: These pools make backyard swimming an affordable luxury for many families.
  • Space-Saving Superstar: Even if you have a smaller yard, there’s likely an Intex Easy Set pool size that will fit comfortably.
  • Perfect for Impatient Kids (and Adults!): Who has time to wait weeks or months for a pool? With an Intex Easy Set pool, the wait for a refreshing dip is minimal.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • It’s not a forever pool: While not the most durable option, with proper care an Intex Easy Set pool can offer several seasons of fun.
  • A little maintenance goes a long way: Regular skimming, water checks, and maybe upgrading the filter system will keep your pool looking and feeling its best.

Intex Easy Set Pools are a fantastic option if you want:

  • A quick and easy backyard pool setup
  • An affordable way to cool off in the summer
  • A pool that’s relatively easy to store away during the off-season

However, they might not be ideal if you’re looking for:

  • A long-lasting pool for many years of use
  • A low-maintenance pool option
  • A pool for very active or rough play

Final Thoughts – Intex Easy Set Pool Review

Intex Easy Set Pools stand out as a fantastic solution for families who crave backyard water fun without breaking the bank or committing to a permanent pool build. They prioritize quick setup, affordability, and a range of sizes to suit different needs.

While they might not be the most durable option on the market, Intex Easy Set Pools deliver surprisingly good performance for the price. With some basic care and possibly a filter upgrade, they provide a fantastic way to cool off and keep the kids entertained for several summers.

If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and budget-friendly foray into above-ground pools, Intex Easy Set pools are undoubtedly worth your consideration!

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