Intex Above Ground Pools

Intex Above Ground Pools

What to look for in an above-ground pool and why should you consider an Intex?

If you dream of hot summer days spent splashing in your own backyard pool but think it’s out of reach, think again! Intex above ground pools offer a fantastic solution that’s budget-friendly, surprisingly spacious, and way easier to manage than you might expect.

In this article, we’ll break down why Intex pools are a smart choice. You’ll learn about different styles, what features to look for, and how easy it is to get a backyard swimming oasis up and running in no time.

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Feature Comparision of the Four Types of Intex Above Ground Pools

Here’s a comprehensive feature comparison of the four types of Intex Above Ground Pools:

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  • Intex Easy Set Pool: This pool is great for ease of setup and simplicity but lacks a metal frame, relying instead on an inflatable ring at the top. The liner is standard but adequate for light use.
  • Intex Metal Frame Pool: Offers a basic galvanized steel frame that provides more support and stability than the Easy Set, with a standard 3-ply liner that is durable enough for moderate use.
  • Intex Prism Frame Pool: Features an enhanced metal frame with oval-shaped, powder-coated tubes for better rust resistance and stability, coupled with a high-quality, stylish liner.
  • Intex Ultra XTR Frame Pool: Boasts the best quality in terms of both frame and liner. The frame is made from the thickest galvanized steel with an advanced design for ultimate stability, and the liner is the thickest and most durable, designed to resist punctures and tears.

These enhancements in liner and frame quality directly contribute to the longevity and performance of each pool type, making each suitable for different levels of usage and customer expectations.

Which Intex Pool Would You Buy?

When considering which Intex pool to buy, your choice should depend on a few key factors including your available space, budget, pool usage plans, and who will be primarily using the pool. Here’s a breakdown of each option to help guide your decision:

Intex 13 Ft x 32 in Easy Set
  1. Intex Easy Set Pool
    • Best For: Those looking for a quick and easy setup with minimal investment.
    • Features: These pools are inflatable, requiring you to simply inflate the top ring and fill the base with water. They are perfect for smaller spaces and younger children.
    • Considerations: They are less durable than the frame pools and better suited for occasional use.
Inetx 15ft x 48in Metal Frame Pool

2. Intex Metal Frame Pool

  • Best For: Families needing a balance between cost and durability.
  • Features: These pools have a sturdy metal frame supporting a durable liner, offering more stability than Easy Set pools. They come in various sizes, accommodating most family needs without a high cost.
  • Considerations: They require a bit more setup time but provide a firmer structure for more frequent use.
Intex Greywood Prism Frame Pool

3. Intex Prism Frame Pool

  • Best For: Those seeking a more aesthetically pleasing option without a significant price increase.
  • Features: Prism Frame pools offer enhanced styling with a strong powder-coated metal frame and stylish liner design. They are designed to last longer and look better in the yard.
  • Considerations: These pools are a middle-ground option, offering better durability and appearance than metal frame pools but at a slightly higher cost.
Intex Ultra Frame 26ft x 52in

4. Intex Ultra XTR Frame Pool

  • Best For: Serious swimmers and families looking for a high-quality, long-term investment.
  • Features: The Ultra XTR Frame pools are the top-of-the-line model with robust construction, including a galvanized steel frame and precision-engineered locking system. They often come with more advanced filtration and saltwater systems.
  • Considerations: These are the most expensive Intex pools but are ideal for extensive use and those looking for features closest to an in-ground pool.

5. Intex Kiddie Pool

And of course, for the kids, I’d get an Intex Kiddie Pool

  • Best For: Families with small children.
  • Features: These are typically smaller, shallow, and often themed or colorful. They’re designed for safety and fun with soft inflatable floors.
  • Considerations: Kiddie pools are great for toddlers and small children but aren’t suitable for older kids or adults.

My Personal Recommendation

If it were up to me, I would choose based on who will use the pool most frequently.

For families with young children or those who prefer an easy setup for occasional use, the Intex Easy Set Pool is an excellent choice.

For those with more space and a desire for durability, the Intex Prism Frame Pool strikes a nice balance between cost, aesthetics, and longevity.

However, if you’re looking for a pool that can accommodate more robust use, frequent swimming, and the feel of a more permanent structure, the Intex Ultra XTR Frame Pool would be the best investment.

  • Budget: Prices increase as you move up the Intex product lines.
  • Available space: Match the pool size to your yard.
  • How you’ll use it: Casual lounging vs. swimming laps requires different pool types.

Each option has its merits, so the best choice will align with your specific needs and circumstances.

Explore the Benefits of the Variety of Intex Above Ground Pools

Intex above ground pools offer a diverse range of benefits, catering to different family sizes, budgets, and specific user needs. From simple splash pools for toddlers to larger, more robust setups for swimming enthusiasts, Intex has a pool to fit every backyard and lifestyle. Here’s an exploration of the benefits provided by the variety of Intex above ground pools:

1. Intex Easy Set Pool

  • Quick Setup: One of the most significant benefits of the Easy Set pools is their ease of installation. You can have these pools ready for water in under 30 minutes.
  • Cost-Effective: They are among the most affordable options, making them an excellent choice for first-time pool owners or those with a limited budget.
  • Space Efficiency: Available in various sizes, they are perfect for smaller spaces and can be easily stored away when not in use.

2. Intex Metal Frame Pool

  • Sturdy Construction: The metal frame pools are designed with durability in mind, featuring a robust steel frame that offers more stability than inflatable options.
  • Versatile Sizes: They come in sizes that accommodate families of all sizes, from small round pools to larger rectangular models suitable for swimming laps.
  • Longer Lifespan: With proper maintenance, these pools can last several seasons, providing a great return on investment.

3. Intex Prism Frame Pool

  • Enhanced Aesthetics: These pools feature stylish liners and frames, making them more visually appealing in your backyard.
  • Upgraded Structure: The Prism Frame pools use high-quality materials and construction, offering greater durability and a longer lifespan than the basic metal frame models.
  • Variety of Options: Available in both round and rectangular shapes, these pools can meet specific needs for space and usability.

4. Intex Ultra XTR Frame Pool

  • Premium Quality: These are the top-tier pools in Intex’s lineup, designed with precision-engineered frames and enhanced corrosion resistance.
  • Advanced Features: Many Ultra XTR pools come with powerful filtration systems and saltwater systems, which provide a better swimming experience and easier maintenance.
  • Spacious and Robust: Ideal for serious swimmers and large gatherings, these pools are spacious and built to withstand frequent, heavy use.

5. Intex Kiddie Pool

  • Safety First: Designed with soft walls and shallow depths, these pools are safe for toddlers and small children.
  • Fun Designs: Often colorful and featuring playful themes, kiddie pools are engaging for children, encouraging outdoor play.
  • Ease of Use: These pools can be set up and taken down in minutes, making them perfect for spontaneous fun.

Overall Benefits Across the Range

  • Accessibility: Intex pools are widely available and come with clear instructions and support, making them accessible to everyone, regardless of previous pool ownership experience.
  • Flexibility: With the ability to set up and dismantle as needed, these pools offer flexibility for seasonal use and easy storage.
  • Community and Support: A large community of users and excellent customer support enhance the ownership experience, providing tips, troubleshooting, and advice for maintaining your pool.

Intex pools are a compelling choice for anyone looking to add the fun and relaxation of swimming to their home without the commitment or cost of an in-ground pool. Each type offers unique benefits, ensuring that there’s an Intex pool that’s perfect for nearly every home and family.

Why Would You Buy an Intex Pool?

Choosing an Intex pool over other brands in the market can be appealing for several reasons, making it a popular choice among many families. Here are some compelling reasons why someone might opt for an Intex pool:

  1. Reputation and Reliability: Intex is a well-established brand known for producing high-quality above ground pools. They have a reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction, which can give new buyers confidence in their purchase.
  2. Affordability: Intex pools are generally more affordable compared to many other brands offering similar sizes and types of pools. This affordability does not come at the expense of quality, making it a cost-effective choice for families looking to enjoy the benefits of a private pool without the high cost.
  3. Variety of Options: Intex offers a wide range of pool types and sizes, from small inflatable pools suitable for young children to large frame pools capable of accommodating lap swimming. This variety ensures that almost any specific need or space requirement can be met.
  4. Ease of Installation: One of the hallmark features of Intex pools is their ease of installation. Most pools can be set up within a few hours and do not require any specialized tools or professional installation. This do-it-yourself approach is very appealing to many homeowners.
  5. Innovative Features: Intex pools often come with innovative features such as advanced filtration systems, durable liners, and enhanced frame designs. For example, the Ultra XTR Frame pools include a superior filtration and saltwater system that is typically only found in more expensive or permanent pools.
  6. Compact Storage: Since they are above ground and often temporary structures, Intex pools can be dismantled and stored during the off-season. This is particularly advantageous for those living in climates not suitable for year-round pool use, as it extends the life of the pool and keeps the yard free for other activities during colder months.
  7. Safety: Intex pools generally have soft sides and come with various safety features, including removable ladders and covers. This makes them a safer option, especially for families with small children.
  8. Support and Accessories: Intex provides excellent customer support and offers a wide range of accessories specifically designed for their pools, including covers, ground cloths, pumps, and replacement parts. This accessibility of additional accessories makes maintenance and care easier and more straightforward.
  9. Community and Resources: There is a large community of Intex pool owners, which means a wealth of shared knowledge, tips, and tricks that can be easily accessed through forums and social media groups. This community support can be incredibly valuable, especially for new pool owners.

When comparing different pool brands, these factors make Intex a strong contender, particularly for those looking for a balance of quality, cost, and ease of use.

Why Would Buy an Intex Ring Pool (Easy Set Pools)?

  • Simplicity: Ring pools are the simplest to set up, requiring just inflation of the top ring and filling with water, making them perfect for first-time pool owners.
  • Ideal for Small Spaces and Younger Children: Their smaller sizes and softer sides make them suitable for families with small children or limited yard space.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: These are generally the most affordable types of Intex pools, offering great value.

Why Would Buy an Intex Metal Frame Pool?

  • Durability: Metal frame pools are sturdier than ring pools, with a robust steel frame that supports a larger volume of water for more vigorous use.
  • Variety in Sizes: These pools come in sizes that accommodate everything from quick dips to more extensive swimming activities, suitable for all ages.
  • Balance of Cost and Performance: Offers a middle ground between the affordability of ring pools and the durability of more advanced frame pools.

Why Would Buy an Intex Prism Frame Pool

  • Enhanced Aesthetics: Prism frame pools feature stylish liners and a more elegant look that enhances backyard decor.
  • Increased Durability: With stronger and thicker metal frames compared to standard metal frame pools, they offer longer-lasting stability and resilience.
  • Mid-Range Option: These pools provide a step up in quality and size from basic metal frame pools without the premium price of Ultra XTR models.

Why Would Buy an Intex Ultra XTR Frame Pool?

  • Superior Quality and Durability: The top-of-the-line in Intex’s offerings, these pools feature galvanized steel frames and precision-engineered locking systems for maximum strength and water retention.
  • Advanced Features: Includes a more robust filtration system, durable liner, and often a saltwater system option which is gentler on the skin and eyes.
  • Long-Term Investment: Designed for those who want the best in terms of size, features, and durability, suitable for extensive, regular family use and lap swimming.

The Aesthetic Appeal of Intex Pool Styles

The aesthetic appeal of Intex pools is a significant factor for many homeowners looking to enhance their outdoor living spaces. With various designs and styles available, Intex pools not only provide a cool respite during hot summer days but also add a touch of style and sophistication to any backyard. Here’s a closer look at how different Intex pool styles can elevate the aesthetic appeal of your home:

1. Intex Easy Set Pool

  • Visual Simplicity: These pools are known for their straightforward, clean appearance. The blue color and the smooth, round shape provide a refreshing visual element that can blend seamlessly with different backyard decors.
  • Instant Charm: The inflatable top ring and the water’s weight stretching the liner into shape create a pleasing, simple silhouette that can be set up to offer an immediate and inviting pool experience without the complexity of assembly.

2. Intex Metal Frame Pool

  • Structured Elegance: The strong, sturdy frames of these pools not only ensure durability but also contribute to a more polished look. The geometric precision of the frame adds a structured, organized aesthetic that can complement landscaped yards beautifully.
  • Versatility in Design: Available in both round and rectangular shapes, these pools can be chosen to suit the specific spatial and design needs of any backyard, making them a versatile choice for those looking to match a pool to their existing outdoor style.

3. Intex Prism Frame Pool

  • Enhanced Visual Appeal: Prism Frame pools elevate the standard metal frame design with sleeker lines and a more attractive liner. The upscale liner color and enhanced frame finish offer a more modern look that can serve as the centerpiece of a backyard.
  • Contemporary Flair: The stylish design of these pools fits well with contemporary home aesthetics, providing an elegant yet functional element that is visually more appealing than simpler models.

4. Intex Ultra XTR Frame Pool

  • Luxury and Sophistication: The Ultra XTR Frame pools are the epitome of luxury in the Intex lineup. With their superior frame strength, dark gray color, and elegant liner design, they exude sophistication and durability.
  • Integrated Aesthetics: These pools are designed to look integrated within a landscaped yard, appearing more like traditional in-ground pools. The attention to detail in the design and construction reflects a high-end aesthetic that can significantly boost the visual appeal of any outdoor space.

5. Intex Kiddie Pool

  • Fun and Colorful Designs: Intex Kiddie pools often feature bright colors and playful designs, making them an attractive addition for families with young children. These pools can turn any backyard into a fun, inviting space for kids.
  • Interactive Features: Some models come with built-in slides, sprayers, and interactive toys that not only enhance the fun factor but also add to the visual appeal through dynamic and engaging elements.

Aesthetic Integration with Landscaping

Intex Prism Frame Pool with background
  • Complementary Landscaping: Pairing your Intex pool with appropriate landscaping can further enhance its aesthetic appeal. Consider surrounding the pool with plants, stones, or decking to integrate it smoothly into the rest of your garden.
  • Lighting and Accessories: Adding outdoor lighting around your pool can create a mesmerizing effect at night, transforming your pool area into a stunning evening retreat. Poolside furniture and umbrellas can also complement the pool’s design and add functional elegance.

Intex pools, with their variety of styles and sizes, offer something for every taste and backyard. Whether you’re looking for a simple setup for occasional use or a more permanent fixture to enhance your outdoor living space, the aesthetic options provided by Intex can meet diverse landscaping and style preferences. By choosing the right pool style, you can create a visually appealing backyard oasis that not only cools but also captivates.

Choosing the Right Yard Size for Your Pool or the Right Pool for Your Yard

Choosing the right Intex pool for your yard—or the right yard setup for your Intex pool—can significantly enhance your summer experience. Here are some key considerations based on the information shared in the “Above Ground Pool Shapes and Sizes” article:

Consider Your Yard Size and Layout

  • Space Constraints: Measure your yard to ensure you have enough space for the pool and additional room around it for access and maintenance. Pools need a flat, stable area, so consider any sloping or irregularities in your yard.
  • Shape of the Yard: The shape of your yard can influence the shape of the pool you choose. For example, a rectangular yard might accommodate a rectangular or oval pool more effectively, maximizing swimming space and fitting neatly into the environment.

Matching Pool Shape to Yard and Needs

  • Round Pools: Ideal for more compact spaces and great for families looking for a pool that’s easy to maintain. Their circular shape helps evenly distribute water pressure, reducing stress on the pool walls and prolonging the pool’s lifespan.
  • Oval Pools: Best for yards that are longer than they are wide, as they provide more length for swimming laps without taking up as much width as a rectangular pool.
  • Rectangular Pools: Perfect if you have a narrow but long yard and are looking for lap swimming capabilities. They also fit well into modern aesthetic preferences with their clean lines.
  • Square and Octagonal Pools: These can fit uniquely shaped yards and offer a balance between ease of installation and efficient use of space, providing a distinctive look with practical functionality.

Considerations for Pool Installation

  • Level Ground: Ensure the chosen area is or can be made level to avoid uneven water distribution, which can stress the pool structure and lead to potential damage.
  • Sunlight and Shade: Consider the amount of sun and shade your pool area will receive. Sun can help keep the pool warm, but too much can lead to algae growth; shade can keep the water cooler but may require more heating.

Customization and Flexibility

  • Custom Shapes: If standard shapes don’t meet your needs or if you have a particularly challenging yard shape, consider a custom pool. These can be designed to fit specific dimensions and styles but bear in mind the increased cost and installation complexity.
  • Portable Options: If you’re unsure about committing to a single spot, consider portable pool options that can be moved or easily dismantled and stored.

Practical Tips

  • Check Local Regulations: Before installing any pool, check local zoning laws and regulations regarding pool installation, which may affect the size and type of pool you can install.
  • Future Landscaping Plans: Think about any future landscaping plans or changes you might want to make to your yard. Make sure the pool you choose can integrate with these plans or be adjusted as needed.

Choosing the right pool involves balancing desires with practicalities. Whether it’s for relaxation, family fun, or fitness, understanding the specifics of your yard and matching them to the right pool shape and size can create a backyard oasis that you’ll enjoy throughout the summer months. Make sure to plan carefully, consider all factors, and choose a pool that fits both your space and your lifestyle to make the most of your investment

How to Choose the Perfect Intex Pool for Small Yards or for a Large Yard? 

Choosing the perfect Intex pool for your yard, whether it’s small or large, involves considering several factors to ensure you maximize both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your space. Here’s a guide to help you select the best Intex pool for different yard sizes:

For Small Yards:

  1. Measure Precisely: Before considering any pool, measure your yard accurately to determine how much space you can dedicate to a pool. Remember to leave room for walking around the pool and any accessories like ladders or pumps.
  2. Opt for Easy Set or Metal Frame Pools:
    • Intex Easy Set Pools: These are ideal for small yards as they have a smaller footprint and can be set up and taken down relatively quickly. Their flexible sides also mean they can adapt slightly to uneven surfaces.
    • Intex Metal Frame Pools: If you prefer something more durable, a small metal frame pool might be a good choice. They provide a balance between size and stability without requiring as much space as larger framed pools.
  3. Consider the Shape: Round pools generally take up less space and offer more swimming area compared to square or rectangular pools of similar size. They fit more easily into awkward yard shapes.
  4. Vertical Space Utilization: If yard space is limited, consider utilizing vertical space. Some Intex pools are deeper but have a smaller footprint, maximizing water depth without spreading out too widely.
  5. Aesthetic Integration: Choose a pool that complements your yard’s existing aesthetic. Smaller Intex pools often come in various designs that can enhance your backyard without overwhelming it.

For Large Yards:

  1. Go Big with Frame Pools:
    • Intex Prism Frame or Ultra XTR Frame Pools: With more yard space, you can opt for larger, more robust pools. Prism Frame and Ultra XTR Frame pools offer larger dimensions and more durable construction, suitable for frequent use and larger gatherings.
    • Rectangular Shapes: If you are into lap swimming, a rectangular pool would be more suitable. It maximizes the swimming lane length, making it ideal for exercise.
  2. Feature Integration: Larger yards allow for more features like poolside decking, larger filtration systems, and extensive landscaping around the pool. Consider integrating the pool into a broader outdoor living area, complete with lounge areas, outdoor kitchens, or fire pits.
  3. Landscape Considerations: Use the opportunity to landscape around the pool for added privacy and aesthetic appeal. Trees, shrubs, and flowers can transform a simple pool into a tranquil oasis.
  4. Safety and Accessibility: Ensure that the pool area is safe and accessible. This includes installing fencing if necessary, especially if children or pets are present, and ensuring the pool is easily accessible from the house.

General Tips for Any Yard:

  • Check Local Regulations: Before installation, check local codes and regulations regarding pool installation. Some areas have specific requirements for pool barriers, alarms, or other safety features.
  • Sun and Shade: Consider the position of the sun throughout the day. Placing a pool in a sunny spot can naturally help keep the water warm, but if it gets too hot, some strategic shade or a pool cover might be necessary.
  • Maintenance Accessibility: Ensure there is enough room around the pool to perform routine maintenance comfortably. This includes space for using a net, adjusting the filter, or cleaning the pool cover.

By considering these factors, you can choose the perfect Intex pool that not only fits your space but also enhances your enjoyment and use of your outdoor area. Whether you have a small or large yard, there’s an Intex pool that can suit your needs and make every summer a memorable one.

Maintenance Consideration – Time Spent and Operational Cost

Maintaining an Intex pool is crucial for ensuring its longevity and keeping the water clean and safe for swimming. Both the time spent on maintenance and the operational costs can vary depending on the type and size of the pool you choose. Here are some key maintenance considerations to help you manage both time and cost effectively:

1. Filtration System

  • Quality of Filter: Intex pools come with their own filtration systems, usually a cartridge or sand filter pump. Higher quality filters like those in the Ultra XTR Frame models can handle more water and require less frequent cleaning, which saves both time and operational costs.
  • Regular Cleaning: No matter the filter type, regular cleaning is essential. Cartridge filters need to be rinsed off weekly and replaced every two weeks to a month, depending on use. Sand filters require backwashing, which is less frequent but more involved.

2. Chemical Treatment

  • Sanitization: Keeping your pool water sanitized involves maintaining proper chlorine levels, which can be done using chlorine tablets or a saltwater system. Saltwater systems, while more expensive upfront, reduce the need for frequent chlorine purchases and are gentler on the skin.
  • pH Levels: Regular testing and adjustment of pH levels are necessary to keep the water safe and comfortable for swimming. High or low pH can cause skin irritation and damage to the pool components.

3. Cleaning

  • Manual Cleaning: Debris like leaves, insects, and dirt should be removed with a net daily. Vacuuming the pool floor weekly helps prevent algae buildup and maintains water clarity.
  • Automatic Pool Cleaners: Investing in an automatic pool vacuum can save considerable time, though it adds to the initial cost. These devices operate independently and keep the pool clean with minimal intervention.

4. Water Replacement

  • Partial Replacements: To maintain water quality, it’s often recommended to replace 25-50% of the pool water annually. This refreshes the water and reduces the total chemical load, potentially saving on chemical costs over time.
  • Full Replacement: Depending on the pool and water condition, a full water replacement might be necessary every few years. This can be a significant cost and time consideration, especially for larger pools.

5. Seasonal Maintenance

  • Opening and Closing: Seasonal pools require opening and closing processes each year. Opening involves setting up, cleaning, and treating the pool, while closing involves thoroughly cleaning, treating, and covering the pool for the off-season. Properly winterizing your pool can prevent damage and save on repairs.

6. Energy Consumption

  • Pump and Heater: Running the pool pump and heater (if applicable) contributes to the operational costs. Energy-efficient pumps and solar covers can help reduce these expenses by maintaining water temperature and reducing the need to run the heater as often.

7. Durable Accessories

  • Covers and Liners: Using a pool cover can significantly reduce cleaning time and chemical use by keeping debris out and reducing evaporation (which affects chemical balance). Durable, high-quality covers and liners may cost more initially but offer savings in maintenance time and costs.

8. Regular Inspection

  • Check for Leaks and Wear: Regularly inspect the pool for signs of wear and leaks. Early detection can prevent more extensive damage, saving on repair costs and preventing water loss.

By understanding these maintenance needs and planning accordingly, you can effectively manage the time and cost associated with keeping your Intex pool in top condition. Regular maintenance not only extends the life of the pool but also ensures that the pool remains a healthy and enjoyable part of your home throughout the season.

 Final Thoughts

Intex offers a fantastic way to bring the joy of pool ownership to your backyard without a huge investment. They’re affordable, easy to set up, and offer surprising variety in size and style. While they may not have the longevity of top-tier brands, you’ll get years of fun with proper care.

If you’re looking for a family-friendly pool on a budget, want a summer splash zone for the kids, or even seek some lap-swimming potential, Intex above-ground pools are worth considering.

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